Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Magical - Carol

Hi everyone Carol here,  

If you love fairies, owls and mushrooms check these out!! aren't they just fabulous!

Look at the face on the owl,  he even has those fluffy ears that some owls have. Also the bird is another Imagine If.... product. 

This one shows the wings and it sits on a branch

This mushroom comes in two pieces, full bottom piece with a separate over lay top with holes, I don't know about you but I just LOVE mushrooms, they give a project, that make-believe, magical feel. I ran the bottom part of the stalk through the cuttle bug and painted it brown, the top section I painted mushroom pink, the overlay I painted red then covered in resin to give that glossy look.  The mushroom comes with grass, so that finishes it off nicely.  

The little fairy has her own butterfly, and I kept her simple so she didn't steal from the photo.  I really love the frame around the photo with all the swirls and leaves, just adds the final touch  I think.




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