Friday, August 16, 2013

Recipe Book Cover

Hi everyone, today I have a fun project I have been going to do for ages, a recipe book.  I am an avid cook especially baking, and I have to say a little OCD with storage of my recipes.  I have all my books coded and with page references so I do not have to spend hours researching and hunting for something interesting to cook.  I even type up all my recipes and print on coloured paper according to what type of cooking it is, I told you OCD.  

I wanted to make a cover that was totally me.  All the pages inside are done with plastic so I just remove the page I want, cook, and then put it back safely, no marks allowed.  The first two photos are from my ladies Afternoon tea party I held a few months ago.  

 So now you see how over the top I am with my cooking, here is my book cover.

This is the cover of the book, I have used a Twiddleybitz original recipe label, and I just added distress stain to add some colour.  It did have a chicken on it, but that wasn't really me, so off came the chicken.
I also used a couple of black nero corners, a butterfly and a chipboard heart, all Twiddleybitz of course.

 So now you know I am a little crazy in the kitchen. I hope you have enjoyed my post, don't forget to leave a comment.  Jo

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Card - thinking of you

Hi everyone Jo here for Artfull Crafts, with a a card using Curiosity paper from Kaisercraft.

This is the cards envelope, you can see the front of the card tucked inside it. 

This photo has the card, out of the envelope, and as you can see there is another card in the front of the main one. 


This has the third part of the card in the front, and for some reason I didn't photograph the inside of the small card, it has the same picture again with flowers growing inside the jar, as in the page shown here called unusual, the bottom row, 2nd one across. 

I hope you enjoyed this card, my 2nd to last blog for Artfull Crafts, and I hope some of you will come and join my blog,   Imagine If..., or on my facebook page as I will be doing freelance teaching, and I still have lots of ideas to make pages, off the page projects and lots more. 

All the best Jo

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Curiosity from Kaisercraft

Hi everyone, Jo here with a couple of layouts for Artfull Crafts using Curiosity from Kaisercraft. 
I was lucky enough to make the top 20 in the Kaisercraft design team applications, and we were sent this range of papers to make a couple of projects.  I didn't make the final cut, but the top 20 was pretty good and I was very pleased to get that far. 

We didn't get anything else just the paper, so I had to get a little creative. I am used to layering and building up, so it was difficult not to do what I would normally do and just add anything I wanted. I also didn't have a lot of embellishments or anything of theirs that would work with this range of papers, and we weren't allowed to use anyone else's products of course.     

I thought this range had a lot of potential and I was quite excited to have a play with it.  My first layout was really based around all the little words on one of the strips along the bottom of the page, there was so many words, I was thinking how I could use them all, and make it look interesting. 

There was quite a bit of cutting involved in this, all the words, the butterflies, the leaves and the flowers.  I was very patient cutting them all slowly and then inking them all, not however as patient as I had to be to make the string rings, a lot harder than I first thought.  Once I got the knack of it, I was away.  I liked the simplicity of this layout, and I didn't have many orange flowers so it was a good way to get texture with out a large expense.

The 2nd layout using the same range, was quite different, in that I used the same photo in three sizes.  This however was not planned, it was simply me mucking up when copying the photo, but I liked the result and so I decided to have a play with them, and this is what I came up with.  I stencilled the Kaisercraft clock in the top using white paint, and then layered up all the different elements.   There was a lot of cutting out involved in this as well, the flowers, and birds and well everything really. 

So curiosity from Kasiercraft, a stunning range, lots of cool elements.  Of course if you don't like all the cutting, get yourself the collectables pack and it is all done for you. 

This is my 3rd to last post, tomorrow I will have a really cool card I made using this range as well. 
All the best Jo