Monday, July 30, 2012

Twiddleybitz Miss Charlotte

This is a Twiddleybitz Miss Charlotte project that I did after watching project runway.  I added tulle leaves for her skirt, and lots of material for her cloack.  I added metallic filagree wings, and flowers.  I added some beads at the bottom of her skirt, and then some paper for her top and some black pearls.  I added a few pins and leaves in amonst it all.  Then i added a square photoframe for her head, and then added paper with the word flourish on it. 

Fairy chipboard picture

This is my fairy canvas.  I have used all sorts of things on the base, from a lace tablecloth, some gesso, paint, glimmer mist, I have stamped and then added the fairy.  She was painted and her wings had extra silver chunky glitter added,  Angelina fibre inside her wings.  Then some tulle for her skirt, and some paper for her top.  Then I added flowers and leaves and birds at the top.  I embossed a butterfly and added a bottle through the middle that I added some glitter to, and a few stamps and my fairy is done. 

kasiercraft stocking and fireplace

These are kasiercraft stockings that I have covered with paper, and added Twiddleybitz black nero embellishments and leather laces.  Poinsetta flowers and some leaves.

Kaisercraft Eiffle Tower

kaisercraft Eiffle Tower, painted black and copper embossed, with feathers and flowers and jewellery

twiddleybitz christmas tree

This is a twiddleybitz christmas tree, i painted the sleigh in red glitter, and added white fluff for the seating.  I covered the presents in paint and paper.  I had the lovely glass reindeer and a small snowman in china.  I painted the tree in luminere green paint, and then added a star to the top.  i wound some ivy and berry xmas decoration through the tree, and then carefully wound a battery light through it.  I covered the controller in paper as well, so it does not stand out.  I made poinsetta flowers from spellbinders, and also cut some spellbinders green pendants for behind them.
and then added some graphic 45 tags and pictures on the top of the tree and around the flowers and pendants.

Castle album

This is my Scrapfx castle that I decorated.  I have a diploma in childrens writing, and I decided to make this book a lesson in that.  I covered the front with three sheets of websters paper.  I added the tree, some ribbon and lots of roses. 

page one - set the scene - once upon a time

get a coffee and some cake
make sure there is danger
hide a treasure map and then find some friends to help out
then live happily ever after, but then end with a twist.

Kaisercraft ballerina house

This is a Kaisercraft house, that I decorated with Prima marketing paper.  I loved the dancing dolls and even though I am not really a ballet girl, the paper just begged me to have a play.  I got the new Twiddleybitz shoe painted and embossed with gold powder.  I added a butterflies.  I covered the whole house in different papers, to try and make all the rooms.  I went for a soft pink to start, and then a bright blue, then the rooms sort of went into lighter pinks and browns and cream.  I added a swan in the blue section,. and metal shoes, and birds and nests.  Flowers and a few embellishments and then added ribbon to the edges of the rooms.  

Advent Calendar

This is a Kaisercraft advent calendar, that I have added a Dusty attic topper, and a Scrapfx reindeer, and a Dusty attic lamp.  I have used Bobunny paper, that I layered and layered 5 sheets (ugh) over the top, to make my snow globe have a dimensional feel.  I put black paper behind the lamp and then added kindy glitz red over the top.  All the boxes were covered in paper from the same range and so was te reindeer.  I embossed the antlers is diress embossing powder.  All the numbers were painted silver, and then red kindy glitz rubbed on.  I inked all the box edges.  I painted the main kaisercraft box in silver. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scrapbooking - BJ will stop singing, when pigs fly.

My father n law sings everywhere, so this page was great for him, especially when I read the Graphic 45 tag that said when pigs fly.  I just folded the corrners of the page over. Added black cardstock behind them to make the pages back to 30x30  I put a strip of green cardstock down the centre of the page, and then added some Kaisercraft music paper down the middle.  I backed the photo with black adn green cardstock, and then stamped a darkroom door stamp on a small piuece of green and matted it again in black.  I mounted the tag onto black cardstock, and then added some tape measure ribbon to the tag.  Then i added a birdcage from the sam graphic 45 paper, and then added anothe rlittle flying pig that i cut out.
I added a plain bown flower (layered) with a red bling brad.  I added a Graphioc 45 butterfly to the top left of the text panel, and then added text, BJ will stop singing, when pigs fly.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book - Mini book

This is the cover of a box, that holds a book I made for my niece for her birthday.  I used Bobunny paper, and used a Twiddleybitz frame, that I painted brown, I added Kaisercraft flowers, some leaves and websters pages pompoms and some tulle.   I had this fantastic crystal handle, that I screwed in to the cover.  I used lace and Bobunny chipboard embellishments.  I used a 7 gypsies elastic to hold the cover closed.

then I decorated the inside left cover and then the right.  Then I decorated each page, I now am going to add photos of my lovely niece. 


Off the page - vintage camera

This is a vintage camera that I purchased, don't worry it was broken before I started to make it better.  I used paper to cover the camera first, that was quite hard to do.  I actually did it twice, because I decided that I didn't like the first paper, so i did it all again.  I put brads through the handles and then glued them back into place.  (I will not admit to anything, but i may not have marked where the screws went).  Then I added prima vines, and then birds nests and some greenery and I had this little cardboard clapper that I added, and a film strip that I would a round the camera, and some tulle, and flowers.  I had a little 7 gypsies rubon about photography which I added.  I have it with my other vintage camers.  

Off the Page project - My little old curiosity shop

This was a project of love, I spent hours and hours on this project, and may have got totally obsessed with it.  First I used a dusty attic advent calendar, but changed my whole thoughts on what i was going to do.  Starting with graphic 45 paper, I covered all the boxes and then decided not to add four boxes, which gave me two bigger areas.  I wallpapered all the walls and aheavy paper for the floor.   Then I started designing areas, on the left an apocothary room, on the right a sewing room.  I made everything where possible, the cotton reels, the bottles I filled, even the book that the bear is reading, I made.  Then I moved from left to right.  I used some gates that I changed my mind on with another project, and damaged takign them off, and used that as a base, and added earth sort of products, like shells, and straw.  Then on the right I started off with a dressing table, and mirror.  I used foil to make the mirror and papered the dressing table.  Then I kept finding all sorts of bits and pieces, i kept playing until I was happy.  I used alcohol ink to colour metal things that were the wrong colour, and then went on the scounge to find all the other bits and pieces that I wanted.  I wanted the sign to look like it was flying, but not being that mechanically minded I added wings.  I must admit everyone who sits and stares long enough, start to see all the very cool little things I have collected over the years, I knew they would come in handy one day. 

Off the page - nature in love

This is an off the page project that I finally managed to finish.  I love this project and I spent ages, just getting the edges of the revered canvas to look like wood.  I started with gesso and put it all over the back of the canvas edges.  I then painted it, and then started the changing of mind, colour and products used.  Everything from paint, to sprays, to inks, to stains, well you get the picture.  I inked all the edges as well.  I added metal Tim Holtz corners to the project.  I added the picture in at this stage, it was cut fom the inside of a calendar. I then added chipboard flourish painted brown, up the left handside and then some glitter tule stapled amongst it.  Then added a Prima marketing vine, prima birds nest and a couple of little birds.  I added extra kaiser flowers and then some black and green leaves.  I still wasn't happy so i added the top chipboard flourish and some flowers in the top right hand corners.   

Scrapbooking layout - college ball 2

This page was made using a plate to make a large circle, then added corresponding paper, in two colours as a strip down the page. I used a strip from the Kaisercraft stickers and added to the sides of these.   I used flower stickers from the same sticker sheet,  I added popdots to the back and then wrapped a pink satin ribbon around the bottom of the flowers, I added a few soft pink feathers.  I carefully cut the butterfly wing from the paper, and then slid it over the circle.  I added a few pearl blings under the photo, then added text around the circle. 

Scrapbookign Layout - Munchkin cat

This page was done after the death of our Lovely little cat - Halo.  I kept this page fairly plain, going for a muted back page, and then just added some rectangles of delicate pink paper, that I inked and layed out bigger than the photo size.  I matted the photo on brown cardstock, and then adhered to the top of the rectangles.  I cut up flowers from a left over page of paper, then added brown cardstock flowers cut from Tattered flowers die, and added a birdcage to the left of the page.  I added a swirl using Zva rhinestones.  Some text and the page was done.