Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bead Torso

When you have a few spare beads, this is what you do with them.  She is about 40cm tall, and covered front and back with beads.   It was a very long process to glue them all on, but it was worth it.

Scrapbooking - Photographers tips

This page has a sprayed glimmer mist background.  I used a Crafters Workshop template, and sprayed a mustard colour over it.  I cut out the birdcage from a prima marketing paper, and then extra flowers.  I mounted the black and white photo on green mat, and then arranged the bird cage, flowers and fairy around it.  I added the ribbon and lace to the bottom of the photo.  I found this tip for photographers in an old book, which i ripped out and then inked around the piece.  I ribbed down the main page in a few different places as well and inked them. as well.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scrapbooking layout - Unforgettable day

Unforgetable day.  I used the sizzix cogs die to cut my cogs. I sprayed with coffee shop glimmer mist, and then used star shape brads to add a more masculine look.   I mounted the photos on to green paper and then brown bazill cardstock.  I used a craftco striped paper as the base which had both these colours in it.  I added two strisp of green paper down the right hand side page, and then mounted the cogs.  I used shades of green flowers to bring up the green colour and added metallic brads to add impact. Some leaves added more green, and then some black brads to finish the look off.  I cut a text frame using spellbinders, and then added the unforgettable text.  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrapbooking -

This is a page where i used a basic piece of kraft cardstock.  I used a tattered angels stencil, and modelling paste.  I added the modeling paste to the stencil, filling the holes, and then wiping away the excess.  I let it dry overnight, and then sprayed with coffee shop glimmer mist.  I was trying to replicate the brickwall that is in
the photo. From there is was a matter of mounting the photo on two pieces of cardstock, black and lime green.  I added a strip of paper and sacking ribbon.  Added some bling and then some lace.  On the right handside I added a strip of stickers, some more black ribbon.  Then I added flowers that were off Aly's Eiffle tower cupcake stand, and then added paper flowers in purple to bult them out.  I added a few other flowers, that I added wire stamens to, and also some flower soft int he middle of them.  Some leaves for texture, some small purple green tara roses, and then I added two large brads in the middle of the flowers and stuck 21 on them.     

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scrapbooking, sewing theme layout

Sonia's wedding day.
This photo was just so stunning that I had to do something extra special with it. 
I started with paper from the Lost and Found collection, and then built up from there.  I made the two cotton holders at the top of the page on the right, and also a little hard to see, but in beside the two flowers is a little tidy cotton reel.  I added two doily type cutouts from the same collection and added to the top of the photo and used rubons to put the date on. I used chalk ink to add defininition tot he edges, as they blended intot he background to much.  I also added one under the sewing machine, and flowers. 
I made a paper ribbon to the left of the photo, from the back of the doily paper, and added special lace that I had been saving for a special project.  I added a 7 gypsies tape meausre along the bottom of the photo.  The inked a collections sewing machine and added White dream words to the sewing machine.  I used old patterns to make the flowers, which i cut and adhered to a wooden circle.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scrapbooking black and pink

Guess who turned 21.
So for this page I used a range of pink and black paper from Echo park i think, be mine.
I kept the colours really simple, sticking with a double page spread, i used a lace punch to edge the 2nd paper in, and then inked it with pink chalk. I made my own flowers, using the spellbinders die, and also i added paper flowers. The leaves are also spellbinders. I painted a couple of Kaiser wooden flourishes in pink, and added some tule in the top right hand corner. This range has some awesome stickers so i made a tag and added a suitable sticker. I inked a cherrylynn butterfly die, and then cut it out, so it made it look like a stamped image that had been cut out.

Friday, July 22, 2011

scrapbooking - sun and sand

Sun and Sand
This is a simple page, but it has a few interesting features.  I saw this little sandcastle in a magazine, it is made from real sandpaper.  It was fun to cutout I can tell you. The word sand has been clear embossed and then while it is still hot, i added little craft beads to add texture. I then re embossed with clear embossing powder, this makes sure that the beads stay in place. 
I added a little row of flags across the top.  I had a page of flowers that i really wasn't fussed on, i sat and cut out the flowers, and added them to the side of the page, and some were under the sandcastle.  Then I added a row of circle stickers across the bottom.  They looked a little like swim rings, which the kids had just got out of on the lazy river at waterworld.

Monday, July 11, 2011

scrapbookibng - glitz pages

Andrews scream at Rainbows end, and Alex and Rick at movie world..
These are two of the pages that I did with the Glitz ladies when they came to New Zealand.  The one on the top is a great way to use left over bits and pieces and glitz corners.  The one on the bottom uses paper layers and acetate embellishments. 
Come in and have a look at them if you are in store.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scrapbooking - Rome

Okay so here is a large page i did for Castle St Angelo in Rome.  I wanted to be able to put all the photos on one page, not on several.  I saw this idea in a magazine, and worked on it using the new Bobunny timepiece collection of papers.  It has a base piece and then both top and bottom open up and down, and the sides go back.  In a scrapbook sleeve most of the layout is hidden, so only the doors on picture one are visable.  I managed to get 11 photos in this layout.   I have used all  sorts of little decorations on each page.  But I have not gone over board on decoration, as it is already very busy.  In the centre of the bottom photo I have layered a flower and used a brown glimmer mist to enhance a   tattered angels resist bird.  I used a lot of the time piece collection papers titles to add to each photo. Come in and check it out is you want a better look. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scrapbooking - Delphi 1

This is from our trip to Delphi in Greece. First i started with a sheet of cardboard, that i took from a box, I ripped off the top layer to expose the corigated cardboard underneath.  I then sprayed it with glimmer mist, a green, brown and mustard.  This was to give the base some colour.  I then rolled up a piece of left over cardboard and glued it closed.  I wrapped a piece of leaf  ribbon around it all the way down (thats the dark brown) the cardboard strip.  I cut out some spellbinders leaves and inked them with different chalk inks, glimmer mist and airondack inks.  This game me a few different shades of leaves.  I then glued them around the cardboard strip.  I used a Scarpfx window to draw attention to one of the photos, I sprayed the frame with glimmer mist brown.  I used a few flowers that i punched from cream card to the top underneath of the window.   I mounted the other photo on brown bazil cardstock.  From the Tim Holtz spellbinders I cut out the sign, from the same card,  which I added my Title, i used brads and chain to make it look like it was hanging.  At this stage i was a little disappointed how flat the layout was, so i added the lime green flowers, brown flowers and a cream spotted prima marketing flower.  I cut out a couple of clocks from kaiser paper, just to give the page a lift.   

Monday, June 13, 2011

Off the page project: Kaiser castle drawers

This is a project using the new Kaiser castle drawers. I used a lime green paint, to paint all the wooden parts of the drawers.  Then covered the drawers with paper from The Girls Paperiere vintage Whimsy.  I used some crystal knobs that I had from anothe project and screwed them onto the drawers.  I used Kaisers new flowers, leaves, ribbon and bling to bring all the colours together.  The vine is a ribbon vine going up the castle.  I used Kaiser bling to make the turrets stand out a little more. 
A lovely gift for any little girl who likes pink.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scrapbooking - Delphi

Delphi Greece
For this layout we have used some american crafts paper, as the backing pages. I cut a piece of chatterbox paper in half and laid across both pages.
I used my photos right across both pages. A piece of ribbon across both pages anchored the layouts. i used kaiser balloon paper, which i cut out a range of balloons. I c...ut out some clouds using the cricket machine, and inked them with blue ink. These were laid across the top of both pages, with the balloons.
I cut out the hinges using the cuttlebug and tim holtz dies, which I painted brown and clear embossed and stamped into them to create old looking hinges. I added brads and attached to both pages. Once i had the pages all lined up I cut the hinges to be able to put into them into an album.
I hand cut the word Del[phi from some paper, amd cut out flourishes from spellinders and flowers from the same paper. I used a small balloon in the middle of the flower.
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Off the page project - Heart with buttons

Heart with Buttons
With mothers day approaching i wanted to show you last years Mothers day gift from my girls. 
Firstly they started with a wooden shape, added some ribbon, tule, feathers and fabric, this was all added with a tacky craft glue and a glue gun.  Then various buttons were added, sticking to basic colour ways gold and black, and white.  This is a really striking piece, and what a great way to use up all the buttons we have around the house. 

Try using different designs and different materials, like beads, or shells or odds and ends around the house. 

Off the page project - inchie dreams

Using 1, 2 and 3 inch chipboard squares to make a piece of art.  This was an idea I saw in Australia from a company called Collections.  They are really amazing and make some great projects.  For this I used a few sheets of Prima marketing papers, and selected different bits from each page to cover the various inch squares to make a different design. I used some plain parts of the reverse of the paper as well, as to many designs would have not worked.   I adhered them to the different sized squares and then began the task of mixing them around to make a coherant design.  I added 7 Gypsies rubons, chipboard buttons, words which I sprayed with chocolate glimmer mist and added extra squares and labels to make a layered effect. 
I made sure to edge all of the pieces when i was finished with them, with Veramagic chalk ink.  This just brought all the pieces together. 
Once I was happy with the design I stuck them all down on another piece of cardboard.  I will one day add to a canvas when I have some time.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scrapbooking - Sam's birthday

Sam's 16th Birthday party page.
For this page, i wanted to do a page with a lot of photos. Yes i know what your thinking where are all of these photos?
Firstly i started with a piece of paper that i put vertically on to a page. I then added an accordian album to the middle of the page.
I decorated each page of the album, I added a photos of all the family that came to sams 16th birthday party.
I added spellbinders flowers around the page, and spellbinder flourishes, and some bling. 
While this looks a very simple page, i have been able to addd all the photos i wanted, without taking up a lot of pages in her already bulging 4th album.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scrapbooking - Bob and sam

This is my Dad and my daughter, Sam is wearing her poppas hat.  This is a casual shot that I just grabbed, I really did not want to go overboard making this into an over the top page.   I used an idea across the bottom of the page fom a Darkroom door card that I saw done. I started with quite plain page, I can't remember the brand, I used the back of the page, it has a few blended in images and lines, but very simple.  I then added a strip of darkroom door paper across the top of the page, about 1.5inch wide.   I used bazill basic cardstock to frame the photo, and then stamped Darkroom door stamps saying on the left over cardstock, which i mounted to the left of the photo. I then stamped a darkroom door tree on the right hand side of the page, the page looked a little naked without it. 
Down the bottom of the page I just used a lot of shades of brown, and cut out hearts and squares, i stamped on some, and embossed others, I layered them across the page. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Off the page project - Twiddley Bitz sleigh

So I know Christmas is finished but I really wanted to get this on the blog.  I started with a twiddleybitz sleigh. I glued the sleigh together, I painted it purple, well you should know that by now I like purple.  I just wanted to go away from the traditional red and green.  I lay a piece of winter bobunny paper, on the bottom of the sleigh, this is sort of a teal blue and silver paper. I
added some pale blue ribbon, that sort of had a tassle like finish, this went along the side of the sleigh.  Then added a twiddleybitz flourish to the back of the sleigh, i know that this sounds mean, but it sort of looked like antlers, not that i would have added real antlers, but i thought it gave me the look that I wanted, because at that stage I didn't have a purple reindeer, who knew one would turn up a few days later for me.  I added some flowers to the middle of the flourish, and the base of the sleigh.  I also added some wooden xmas decorations to toe sides, one is a christmas tree and one is a candy cane, I embossed them with silver embossing powder.  I still wan't happy with the flourish so I added some kaiser purple bling to the edges of the flourish. 
I was then still deciding what to put in the front, when one of my customers, Cindy came in with a christmas gift of a little purple angel, so i went down the road to the quilt shop, snipped a little bit of batting off the roll, thanks Milton, and added it to the front of my sleigh, and put my little angel in it.  I then was given a wonderful purple reindeer, from another customer Esmae Meehan, tied it to the sleigh, and well if i had taken the photo a day earlier, you would have seen a whole sleigh full of Chocolates, but we had a christmas evening the night before, so nothing in it just as well, you would all want some chocolate then, so i am doing you all a favour.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scrapbooking - delphi

This is a two page layout that is around our trip up to Delphi in Greece.
Firstly I used some plain silver cardstock, and placed a strip of aqua blue paper across the centre of both pages.  O then placed my photos across the double layout.  I used a strip of ribbon across the bottom of the photos, ensuring a small bit of blue paper was left showing just below the photos.
I then cut up some kaiser paper, cutting the balloons out.  I cut some clouds out from the cricket machine.
Inked the edges with blue ink, and pop dotted them with foam tape, and then added the balloons with foam tape again.
I cut two sizzix hinges and inked them brown.  Then I put clear embossing powder over them and heated it, then I pushed a stamp into the melted powder and made a dimpled effect.  Then I added metal brads and attached them between the two pages, once attached I cut the hinges in half to ensure I could put into a scrapbook.
I cut some flowers out using spellbinders, and a flourish,  and then hand cut the word Delphi from left over paper and added to the page.  I put a small cut out balloon to the middle of the flower.
Layout completed.   

Monday, January 31, 2011

Scrapbooking - believe

I love purple and decided I just had to use this fantastic paper.  Creative imaginations paper is just fantastic.  I firstly painted the little chipboard fairy with lumiere paint, then silver embossed her wings and dress. I also painted the word believe.   I placed a piece of bazill purple cardstock across the middle of both pages.  I then added some purple and silver organza type material over the top.  I mounted the photos on the left over bazill, so just a small frame was showing.  I added lilac brads to the corners of each of the photos and mounted them.  I painted some black cardstock silver, then i put it through the cuttle bug using the fluer di lis spellbinders cutter.  I then sanded them so i got a really metallic like piece. I added to the top of one photo and the bottom of the other on each page,  I then cut up a kaiser wooden flourish and painted the pieces silver.  I made some flowers out of cardstock and some left over purple paper.  I made five different sized circles and set them off centre, I layered them together with a brad holding them in place.  I scrunched the flowers pieces up, and then inked the edge with chalk ink.  I made some leaves again from left overs and agin I inked them, and then mounted the flowers, flourish pieces, made leaves and some real dried purple leaves on the page.   I used kaiser purple bling to add a sparkle on the page pattern.    

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scrapbooking - I'm a little teacup

 Aly, Sidney and Alexandra at Dreamworld in Australia on the teacup ride.  
I knew the moment i saw the Kaiser teacup embelishments that they would go with these photo's perfectly.
Also the Craftco paper that i have used with the pink vertical stripes matched the verticle stripes on the photo
So using two if each of two different craftco papers I cut them in half horizontally.  Then I joined two of the opposite papers together, to make a 30x30 page again.  I used the stripes on the top of the page because i knew that I would soften it laters with words and embellishments.  This gave me a base for a double page layout.  I matt the photos on pink bazill cardstock, and then used a strip of the same colour across the join of the two pages.  Next I added some ribbon that has pearls on it over the top of the bazill across the middle of the two pages.  I used Kaiser wooden teapot and teacup embellishments painted pink and edged with pink chalk, and layed them matching on each page, I used kaiser pink bling to make it look as though I was pouring tea into the teacup.  I aso used bling on both teapots. 
Then I used flowers to soften the page, which I also rubbed with the matching chalk from the teapots and cups.  I added spellbinders flourishes in pink to the flowers and then a large bling int he centre of the flowers.  I cut out a heart from white cardstock, and used a cuttlebug script embossing folder to add dimension, which I edged witht he chalk again, and rubbed ever so gently over the top of the script writing. I also did a plainer heart with out the emblossing, and added a peelcraft butterfly which I mounted on pink leftover cardstock and attached to the heart, pulling the wings up, to look as though she is flying.  Then I cut out Im  a little teapot, yes the photo I forgot the ' part. And layed this across both pages.         

Monday, January 10, 2011

Off the oage - Mini canvas art

Mini Canvas Art
Here is a piece of art I completed a while ago.  I took a basic noughts and crosses board, painted it black, and covered with black and white paper.  I actually recycled this from a project I did years ago.  I added white rubons to the black board.
I painted 9 canvases (4x4) in lime green, hmmm why not purple I asked myself, but it screamed at me lime green, so lime green it is.  I have been collecting odd bits and pieces that I thought represented me and everything I like.  This took a while to do, I also tried to find things that were just a bit random. 
I started canvas 1 with a Kiwi theme, a chipboard kiwi, and NZ letters, and a small chipboard NZ, and a clock.
2nd felt flowers, and a key and the word dream. 
3rd Imagine, well the name of the shop and a compass, always changing direction.
4th a chipboard camera, acetate travel,  and a few rubons
5th Family, always the centre of everything for me, and a camera, bug and butterfly brads.
6th  angels, torso and bling.
7th, chipboard tree, added kindy glitz, a piece of jewellery i found, a cooking rubon.
8th a flourish, button, rubons and a boach piece. 
9th key made from embossing powder melted, a bag, rubons and bling of course.
the trick with this is to ensure that you only use minimal colour for the embellishments, here i pretty much only used black, and then added a small bit of silver where needed.     

Sunday, January 9, 2011

off the page project - christmas advent calendar

Christmas Advent calendar
Yes it is that time of the year, so i htought we should have a christmas blog today.
Using a kaiser advent calender kit, I put it all together, before I painted it all. I papered the boxes in different christmas papers. In the centre of the box I put the wonderful house paper, which i added a ...few touches of kindy glitz to add a sparkle. The numbers were painted green and red, and then kindy glitz added to make it very glitterey. I used darkroom door words to add interest to the drawers, and added lots of little embellishments like christmas trees and rubons. The top piece of the calendar, dusty attic chipboard santas sleigh and reindeer are all painted and bling added to make it shine. I used kaiser black pearls to add reins to the reindeer. The little houses have rubons, as well ask kindy glitz snow. I added little a little fake christmas tree, and its. done. Merry christmas.

Off the page proejct - kaiser star wreath

Star Wreath
Using a Kaiser star wreath base I painted it blue.  Paint all the sides and the back if you are going to hang it somewhere that you will see the back.  I covered the front of the stars with Bobunny paper, I enjoyed using the blue as apposed to traditional christmas colours.  I wanted it to be used all year round. 
i then glued all the stars on to the ring (supplied).  I used a mixture of staple gun and hot glue gun depending if the star was being seen.  I also used a good wood glue to hold if the glue from the glue gun didn't (which happens quite a bit.  But i wanted to carry on decorating so it is easier to use the glue gun for that purpose. 
I added shaped bling swirls to add a purple touch (if you don't know that i like purple you do now.) I added purple kaiser bling dots as well. 
I added scrap fx words believe, dream and inspire painted purple to stand out.
Then I added ribbon to hang it, and then some strands down the bottom as well.   A couple of flowers for extra depth and its done.

off the page project - extraordinary

Fairy frame
Using the twiddleybitz frame I have put it together as per instructions.
I then sprayed it with Crafty Notions colour spray (similar to Glimmer mist).
I used a paper tole fairy for the inside of the aperture, which i covered with acetate. 
My friend Aandrea game me the metal angel wings, they were earrings but she knew that I would use them in a craft project somewhere.  I added a delish metal adhesive to the middle of the wings, and added a sticker with the word extraordinary.  I added a pearl square beaded ribbon as a border of the frame.  I added two flowers with metal brads from delish, I used leftover flowers from the paper tole fairy to add colour at the bottom of the frame, and a sticker.  Purple kaiser bling around the edge of the whole frame to add a bit more colour.  Chanderlair beads that I had from an old broken light were added to the bottom, and a feather to adda touch of fun. 

Off th page proejct - Door of change

Hmmm don't ask why, I just felt like making a door, i had expected to be making a christmas project, but for some reason went this way instead.
I started with a collections door frame, added keys (saw this in a magazine), added some ranger distress and crackle paint.  I inked the edges with distress paint and added a door lock.
Loved this collections paper so i used it behind the window of the door, and then used websters paper to cut out white roses for the bottom of the door.
Black rub ons up the side, and along the top of the door frame. I also rubbed on the word change.  Some pearls on the lock and at the top of the door, a button shaped heart with the shank cut off for the top, and then a huge crystal type knob for the door. I guess sometimes you need to make something just for the fun of it.

Scrapbooking - Brrrr page

When you are deciding on a page remember the weather.  This was a really cold day in Paris, and we were all dressed up nice and warm.  I wanted to make sure that I showed how cold it was as I decorated the page.  Firstly I used a chatterbox page in pale colours, with dark blue bazill cardstock to make it feel cold.  I used a chipboard letter and covered in versmark ink, then added foil and flocking powder and melted it.  This makes a glue type product, i then rubbed silver leaf all over the letter b.  You rub until all the flakes stop coming off.  Then i added metal brads down the page and around the photo.  Then i made a Kirigami folded snowflake (actually i think it is a lotus, but it looked like a snowflake) then some more blue snowflakes and we have a cold page.  Add extra RRRRRRRR and Enjoy.

off the page proejct - live honestly and grow creatively

Grow - Live honestly and grow creatively.
I guess with this idea I wanted to make a cute little house for a little animal lovers room.  The little house was papered and painted, but instead of leaving it on its own I decided to add it to the back of a canvas.  This way you can use the depth of the canvas to hold a decorative background rather than stand the little house on her own.   I used websters pages as I feel they had the delicate feel for this little piece

off the page project - storage drawers

Kaiser Storage drawers.
These drawers are a lot of fun for a young girl, but they can be made to suit everyone. 
1st put the wooden part of the drawers together then paint the frames.  It is best to put together, because the product can swell depending on your paint, and then it is nearly impoissible to put together without a whole lot of sanding. 
2nd glue the boxes together (helmar craft glue is great, or tiger grip.
3rdly paint the boxes inside if you wish
4th cover the boxes with paper or paint. Only the front is totally necessary.  I added paper to the top and sides of mine as well.
5th add embellishments to decorate the front of the boxes (not the sides)
6th add labels if required. 
All done, how easy was that.  If you want everything to stay in good condition, a layer of mod podge is a great way to make the surfaces washable.

card - shaker box

This is a shaker box card, great for christmas or you can use any theme.
1stly stamp an image twice, it needs to be a image that you can cut a window out of.
Cut around the edge of the stamped image on both images.  
Then cut a square or rectangle window out of one of the images.  Cover the hole on the back of the image with acetate.  Double side tape it in place. 
Then around the edge of the now covered window on the back put foam tape to make a thick raised edge.  Make sure you do not leave any gaps when you are doing this as we fill the window with beads or glitter or sand if you were doing a beach scene, and you do not want any of the filling falling out.  Fill with 1/2 a tsp of beads or glitter, or a mixture of both.  Pull off the cover of the foam tape so it is sticky becareful when you are doing this.  Now you will put the 2nd image on top, the stamped image will be face down.  Push the 2nd image around the sides to make sure it is well adhered.  Turn your shaker box over and you have a great little embellishment for any card, or scrapbook page.

Off the page project - For those who believe in fairies

So this is for all those who still believe in fairies.  I loved this little lady the moment i set eyes on her.  So first of all the background is a mixture of paint, crackle paint and glimmermist.  I just kept playing until i got the look i wanted. The chipboard  fairy is painted in luminere paint.  This is a really good paint as the colours are so shiny and such good quality.  I used purple and blue mixed in patches.  Ironed angelina fibres for the back of the wings, and added Kaiser bling.  Her skirt is fabric flowers, and then there is her back tatoo.  The feathers just added some extra mistique to her, as well a fabric bow motif.  Satin ribbon ballet shoes, just finish her off nicely.  Lastly I added words down the side, these are rubons, and i really just wanted simple words, but i did them in different places, and sideways, mostly because i hate measuring, and I would have had to measure these to get them right, so just do them random and they look fantastic

Book project - my life in recipies

This is a little book I made from scratch. It is really easy to make your own little albums, and is a great way to give a really personal gift. sam loves to cook, as do I and my grandmother. So I took some family photos, and added recipiesand stories that went along with the recipies, for example my Dad and Husband both love my Christmas cake for dessert, although they do snack on it during the day as well of course. Using two strong bits of card I covered them with recipie paper (creative imaginations I think)... then mod podged them over the top, to ensure that they can be handled quite a bit. Then I got all my inner pages together and put them through the Zutter machine. Bound the book with metal rings, and then you have a book. You can add as many pages as you like, and then decorate at will. I have photos, stories, rubons, and if you look closely you can probably see the very cool little knife and fork brad on the front cover.  Definately the finishing touch all good books need. Hope you like.

Off the page project - bird house

Sometimes you just got to play.  This is a birdhouse from the twiddleybitz collection of amazing bits and pieces.  After putting it together and painting it, I imagined what would happen if a fairy had a bird cage at her place, what would it be like.  Using flowers, and moss, lace, sticks and paper I imagined this.  I left the cage door open, as I really do not think that any living creature deserves to be in a cage.  This proejct is only a few inches high. 

Make your own embellishments - embossing powder

Tag & Key.  This is another example of the use of melted embossing powder..
Using a hot electric frying pan, or crepe maker or something similar that has a stable temperature.  Use a small silicone bowl, and pour in the embossing powder, put it on top of the hot plate.  As it starts to melt you need tostir, I use a wooden skewer that i can throw away.  When it is molten(melted) pick up the bowl and pour into a silicon mould (not plastic). I used a key for this example.   It will dry in about 1 minute.  Then take outof the mould and you have an embellishment.  Usually i pick away alll the little bits off the side of the mould, but this one i wanted a little rough, soi left the pieces on.  The frog below I made sure it was all tidy

Scrapbooking - Kayak skiing

My brother and my husband decided to go skiing on a kayak, starting from the shore they ran and jumped onto the kayak, and well this was definately the last second before you guessed it....into the lake. 
So for this photo I started with chatterbox paper, and a collections frame.  I had been going to frame the picture, but since he was obviouslyoff balance, I decided that the frame should be as well.  I covered the frame with paper, and cut out the inside piece of the frame.  If you are careful when you cut out the paper you can use the second side of the paper to make a mat for your photo.  I sanded the edge of the frame with sandpaper to make the edges nice and tidy.  I acutally did two layouts of my brother this day, and I had torn out the centre of a page on the second layout, and so i used that as a mat for my photo.  I cut out the leaves from the back of one of the pages and added them to the page.  The frogs, I melted embossing powder into a silicon bowl, on a crepe maker (my new favouite crafttool)  and then tipped the melted powder into a frog mould, and then once it was set... I had a frog.  I added sprayed chipboard leaves, and then finally collections tags, added some ribbon, some text and my page is done

Scrapbooking - Beautiful

This week I used only two colours, white and blue.
By using only two colours we have kept the page very simple. I loved this picture of my beautiful girl, she took her own photo, thats why it is cropped so close. I only used ribbon, paper doily's and whitecardstock for most of this page. I matted the photo on white cardstock, and then stuck ruffled ribbon around the edge, which worked as a border. I used the ribbon to make a border at the top and bottom of the page,using double side tape to stick it down. Then i made a flower out of white ribbon, and finally I used thin blue ribbon for bows. I used white paper doilys to add a lacy feel, and finally I cut out the B, from blue cardstock, and added stickers to spell out beautiful. I also painted a flourish white, to add dimesion.  Very simple but i love the page.

Scrapbooking - Sam and Rick

This is a rare moment that just had to be scrapbooked.  Dad and his little girl, had a very quick cuddle.  I got Rick to write down the top ten reasons why he loved his daughter sam, and then I began.
The first thing was mounting the photo, i went quite large with the border, this just made sure that the photo didn't get swamped as all the papers around it, and all the writing would take up quite a bit of room.  I started with black bazil, and then a large circle (cut around a dinner plate) was placed down first, then the picture, and then the kaiser saying, and then the top reasons.  I used a brown rubon to join the papers together, by going over the top of both of them.  The words at the top and bottom were from Kaiser and were made from felt.   I used them both top and sides which kept them very clear and simple looking. Who says simple is not best. 

Scrapbooking - School ball

This is a page i did a while ago.  Firstly I started with a piece of scrapbooking paper that had lots of the same design in different sizes, I chose this Kaiser paper as it had enough colours in it to pick up the many colours in the photo. I have cut out the designs over and over, and actually layered them up on top of each other using foam dots. You cannot see very clearly but there is at least three of these designs on top of each other. I kept the back page really simple, as thedesigns were so busy. I mounted the photo on pink paper, just to make sure the photo stood out on the plain background. I decided on an triangle shape across the bottom right, to make sure the page was well weighted. The rub on across the bottom, has a saying that i thought was in keeping.

Off the page project wooden letters - Love Life

This is part of the Love Life that i have in the shop. These are MDF wooden leters, and can be painted, papered and embellished or just left plain. This one is firstly painted silver around the edges, and then using paper I have decorated it. I like to use several different sheets, here i have used creative imaginations music sheet, and a variety of others. When doing this make sure that you design your whole project before starting to cut out and glue down. You need to be careful when selecting papers that you do not go to heavy down one end of the word, or when you hang it on the wall you will see that you word looks lopsided.
Again I use modpodge to glue the paper down, and i went over the top of the paper to seal it as well, again for flying insect marks. Then start to decorate each letter, try to do some repitition on your letters, this ensures that the word looks like it all goes together.
On this word I have used a chipboard dragonfly, paper flowers (yes do modge these if you want) bling, every girl needs some, ribbon, butterflies, and painted chipboard music notes.
We sell the letters in different sizes, from the great big letters about30cm high, to the little tiny ones, though i really wouldn't recommend decorating these, a little fiddly I think, maybe just emboss them or paint them.
Hope you like. To hang on the wall add picture hooks or in my case i have used velcro.

Decoupage or stick everything you want on - music

Decoupage is so much fun.  There are no rules.  All I did here was pick a theme and then added everything i could find about music in this case.  I painted the canvas first using a vanilla colour, then i started adding bits of paper in strips, chunks and other random pieces. I used scrapbooking papers (creative imaginations paper for the piano at the bottom, old music sheets, serviettes and a poem I found, )  I use modpodge to glue down, and to go over the top of the paper as well. if you put the same amount of modge under the paper and over the top, most of the time it will not bubble.  By using a sealer over your project it ensures that any fly marks can be cleaned off if necessary, but you could use a varnish as well.  I prefer mod podge as it does both jobs.  I kept the colours all around about the same shades,  except for the bright blue piece that I just had to add to the work.  I coloured two CD's using alcohol inks, and if you haven't used these then you really need to have a play.  My second favourite colourant, I am in a glimmer mist phase at the moment.  I added stamped music images using stazon ink,to the CD's this is the best ink as it will not smudge and it is dry in seconds which is always a good idea when i am working, as i am very impatient waiting for things to dry. Then i painted some chipboard music shapes  and added them to the CD, and to the top of the canvas.  I then used rubons over the work, on angles tojoin two bits of paper together for the more merged look.  Lastly because i just love glimmer mist, i sprayed it over the top of the finished work, then held the painting upright so it dribbled down the front of the project, why... just because i felt like thats what it needed.  So grab a canvas, get some mod podge, pick a theme, and make your own art work.  Its so simple my kids class made all their own pictures for their rooms, and they looked great.   

Scrapbooking - Aly in Paris

I have used a Creative Imaginations paper as the backing for this page.  It is very detailed and quite soft looking, I had to be careful not to add to much to  the page, or you would loose that look.  I wanted to put a trim on the page to replicate the trim on Aly's jacket, however I struggled to find anything flat enough to put on the page.  I decided to use lace, we passed a lot of lace shops in Paris anyway, so it was in keeping.  I used double sided tape to adhere it, as it had quite a wide pattern, you can use dimensional magic or ribbon glue to adhere, if your lace is to thin or has lots of holes in the pattern. 
I mounted the photo on cardstock to make the picture stand out more.  Just a small border to keep it light looking.  Then I added paper flowers to the picture, layering two large, and one small flower and then a button to add a finished look to the flower. 
I  then used Kaisercrafts tickets, from the pack your bags collection, to add my text, though I hate writing on pages, i know it is an important thing to try and do now and again.  Your handwriting is an important part of you to record as well. 
I lay them in the same direction as the petals on the flower, I also added some finishing touch bling swirls, just to add a touch of sparkle to the page, but i could have used dimensional magic or kindy glitz. 
I then added some tickets at the top of the page, one of them was a acetate tag, if you need to stick these down use dimensional magic, as it dries clear and can't be seen.

Scrapbook page - Arc de Triumph

I decided for my first blog to keep it simple.  So here we go. 

Arc de Triumph (Arch of Triumph, Paris, France)

After making a range of darkroom door designed cards, I used the same technique to make a scrapbooking page.  Here I have cut the photo into three parts (triptych), and mounted the three on to one piece of card, with a small gap between the three pictures.  Then I mounted that onto a piece of textured card.  I then mounted Dark room door word strips onto a piece of double mates card, and added them above and below the photo.  I then added two strips of darkroom door paper down the side, and then because it was winter and their were no leaves on the trees, i decided to add them here, via a piece of ribbon.  I tied it in the middle in a knot.  I added four brads down the side, just to lift the page a little. So nice and simple.  But it looks good, and most importantly the photolooks great.  
Hope you enjoyed.    Jo

Imagine If... Morrinsville, New Zealand

Imagine If... is based in Morrinsville, New Zealand. We are an arts and crafts store.  At Imagine if... we love anything art or craft based, and when the two can be joined together, it's even better.  Check out the website if you want to know more about us.  This is a showcase of some of the products we have created, where possible I will name the products used, however sometimes it can just be left over pieces of paper.  So here we go, Imagine If.. we ......