Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools day and a new release

Hi to everyone,

Happy April Fools day everyone.
April is now here, and suddenly having the cat sleeping under my chin causing a little over heating doesn't seem quite so bad.  No doubt by July I will be hoping my own little personal breathing hot water bottle, comes to bed, and i wont spend half the night pushing her off me.   Of course this is the same little darling who gifted me a WETA in the shower, oh I am surprised you didn't hear the screaming from your house. I really cannot like those little creatures, but then again I should be grateful it isn't a snake I suppose.

I have to say I feel like I can finally breathe again, I have the felt loaded on my www.imagineif.co.nz  website, Yeah.  New packaging and all.  Still got the chipboard to go, but I am learning slowly that Rome wasn't built in a day, although i have to say if it was me, I would have given it a very good shot.

As you can see the product is look very sharp.
Everything that you can see in Felt is also done in chipboard, it just needs to be loaded on to t e site.  There is so many great designs, and brand new off the page projects are just off to the designers tomorrow.  

Today I get to show off my first lot of chipboard designs, they come in 2 sizes.  Firstly we have a set of beautiful heels,

It is one shoe, and it comes as one whole piece, and several individual pieces, that can be used to make a very cool decorated shoe.  I have mine framed and it looks amazing.

I have also done this as a pair of miniatures for card making, they come as 3 pairs of solid shoes in a set.

I have also done a Boot in the same format.

http://www.imagineif.co.nz/fashion/    to check them out.

These are my first two projects and the design team, have been busy making theirs, wait till you see what they have done with them.  Amazing, from scrap booking, card making and off the page projects.  The girls will be blogging them this month.

You will need to be on blogspot to see the posts,
though i will do an update as we go along, but not every day.

We have also released a set of fashion sayings that go with our new shoes,
http://www.imagineif.co.nz/imagine-if...quotes-proverbs-sayings/ check them out here.

April Classes:
Encaustic wax art for Adults Friday 4th April $20.00, we have a tutor coming for this, and it is so much fun.  You can make some really creative projects.  These are card size, and you will make somewhere between 4-8 depending on how fast you are. 10am - 12pm.

Children's scrap booking class 23rd April $20.00 for 3 pages

En caustic wax art for Children (sorry date to be confirmed in school holidays - had to change last minute this morning) $20.00, we have a tutor coming for this, and it is so much fun.  You can make some really creative projects.  These are card size, safe for kids to do.

Unfortunately I am really behind with everything, and I have decided to take the rest of the month off from adult classes. I need to get my head around some new Stencils we are cutting and some off the page projects that we are designing, and I just cannot mange anymore in my day without probably getting a divorce.  As it is there is quite a bit of discussion as to who is Managing Director of the business and who is general dogsbody... I think I am winning but........!

So email me or phone me on 07 8873901 if you have any questions, leave me a message on the phone if I am out and about or working with my head down.

May - Paperzone scrap booking class.
May - Adults - children's cards
May - Memory Box
June - Not sure if I Will do any classes as I have a lot on for Senz.
4th July - Senz 1 class,
6th July - Senz 1 class
all the best Jo

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  1. I love the examples you have made with the shoes Jo and I found they were so easy to put together and so much fun to alter. The possibilities are endless.