Monday, April 28, 2014

Machinery Cloth Book - Beth

Hi everyone Beth here.

I love these little felt cutouts of machinery from Imagine If.. and the little boys in my life also love trucks.  So I decided to make a book that even a small boy can enjoy, a fabric one.  You can find them in sets of three here and here.
1404C Machinery Book 1
I started out by cutting my pieces of fabric 4"x12", some thick cotton I had left over from another project.  I then chose which truck would go one which page, glued on the centre, and traced some letters on the bottom.   Then came the time consuming part - the sewing.  I often sew in front of the TV in the evenings, so that is what I did; I wanted to make sure that no bits were going to come off while being played with by a 1 year old.  I stitched the words with a thicker cotton.

Once I had all the machinery sewn on with there names, I sewed the back and front of each double page together, leaving a hole for turning through.  I pressed the pages and then stitched down the centre a couple of times to make the spine firm.  
1404C Machinery Book 2
1404C Machinery Book 3
1404C Machinery Book 4
1404C Machinery Book 5
1404C Machinery Book 6

I love the fact these are cut out in felt so can easily be used for a fabric project a well as on a papercrafts project.  And there are so many other felt designs from Imagine If.

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  1. Oh I wish my Grandson's were little again!! Well done, looks lovely!