Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Newsletter - Senz is coming

Hi to everyone in the crafting world, that is right we now have subscribers from the USA, from Japan, Australia, India and Great Britain and of course New Zealand.  So where ever you are I hope you are all well, warm or cool (depending on what you like), and crafting of course.  
http://www.senz.co.nz/Home/This will be the first time SENZ has been in Central Auckland since we first started back in 2003.  The Expo brings together Card makers, Scrapbookers, Stampers, Mixed Media Artists, Cake Decorators, Bookmakers, Jewelery makers, Fabric Artists,  Quilters of all ages, for a weekend of creativity, ideas, shopping, displays, socialising, and classes. 

Its very much a hands-on expo where you get to try the products, make projects, see displays and enter competitions.  
This year we will be expanding the Cake Decorating area and having a dedicated Cake Decorating corner with demos, displays, tastings, and competitions to enter.
Tickets have gone on sale, and there is lots happening this year.  It is at Ellerslie racecourse, and there are great tutors and stands and you just need to be there, go and check out the link.

I know some of you hate driving in Auckland, so Annmarie at Paperzone and I have organised a bus for the Friday 4th July....$40.00 for your seat (yes we will bring you back), must be paid when you book.  It will leave from Morrinsville 8am and then head into Hamilton 8.30ish,probably by Porrit Stadium to save crossing the river twice.   You can buy your tickets to Senz from Paperzone $15.00 as well from April, so ride sorted, ticket sorted. Now just book in the date in your calendar and you will be organised for a great shopping and learning day.  You will be back in Morrinsville around 7pm.  Seats going quickly...so get in quick.       

Prize giveaway
The design team are all busy as, and they will begin to show what they have done on the first of April.  In the meantime the last few prizes have been drawn and the winners are
Beth Barnes - Katherine Parkinson

Brenda Morgan - winner Sharlene Peretini

Marilyn Gunn. - change of page - Winner is Tricia Collins
congratulations everyone who won a prize, the last ones have all left today and you should get them soon, if you haven't already.

repackaging is just about done, and I am very grateful to my friends and family who have been around re packing and sorting flowers and other felt products for me, you are all wonderful people.
The products will all be on sale from the 1st of April, (I am so worried that, that is April fools day..) from the Imagine If site.

March classes -
Change of date
March Friday 28th  - 10am - 2pm Card and Box project and a candle holder and card project - $10.00.  This class you will use your own paper, own colour choice.  I will supply some products.  Can be for a male or female, you can do an easter theme or birthday whatever suits.  Mothers day is in May great presents to have ready.  As soon as everyone saw these projects they booked into class, so if you want to do this class there are only a few seats left.
There is a box inside the card on the left and the candle holder on the right has a card and a space for candles.

April Classes:
Encaustic wax art for Adults Friday 4th April $20.00, we have a tutor coming for this, and it is so much fun.  These are my examples that I made during my first lesson, so you can see it is fun and you can make some really creative projects.  These are card size, and you will make somewhere between 4-8 depending on how fast you are. We can only take 10 people and 5 spaces are already gone.

So email me or phone me on 07 8873901 if you have any questions, leave me a message on the phone if I am out and about or working with my head down.

May - Paperzone scrapbooking class.
June - Not sure if I Will do any classes as I have a lot on for Senz.
4th July - Senz 1 class, 
6th July - Senz 1 class
all the best Jo

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  1. I was lucky enough to see some of the new products coming and they are so cool, thers something for everyone people!!!! Can't wait for their release!!!!