Sunday, January 9, 2011

Make your own embellishments - embossing powder

Tag & Key.  This is another example of the use of melted embossing powder..
Using a hot electric frying pan, or crepe maker or something similar that has a stable temperature.  Use a small silicone bowl, and pour in the embossing powder, put it on top of the hot plate.  As it starts to melt you need tostir, I use a wooden skewer that i can throw away.  When it is molten(melted) pick up the bowl and pour into a silicon mould (not plastic). I used a key for this example.   It will dry in about 1 minute.  Then take outof the mould and you have an embellishment.  Usually i pick away alll the little bits off the side of the mould, but this one i wanted a little rough, soi left the pieces on.  The frog below I made sure it was all tidy

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