Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrapbooking - Sam and Rick

This is a rare moment that just had to be scrapbooked.  Dad and his little girl, had a very quick cuddle.  I got Rick to write down the top ten reasons why he loved his daughter sam, and then I began.
The first thing was mounting the photo, i went quite large with the border, this just made sure that the photo didn't get swamped as all the papers around it, and all the writing would take up quite a bit of room.  I started with black bazil, and then a large circle (cut around a dinner plate) was placed down first, then the picture, and then the kaiser saying, and then the top reasons.  I used a brown rubon to join the papers together, by going over the top of both of them.  The words at the top and bottom were from Kaiser and were made from felt.   I used them both top and sides which kept them very clear and simple looking. Who says simple is not best. 

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