Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrapbooking - Kayak skiing

My brother and my husband decided to go skiing on a kayak, starting from the shore they ran and jumped onto the kayak, and well this was definately the last second before you guessed it....into the lake. 
So for this photo I started with chatterbox paper, and a collections frame.  I had been going to frame the picture, but since he was obviouslyoff balance, I decided that the frame should be as well.  I covered the frame with paper, and cut out the inside piece of the frame.  If you are careful when you cut out the paper you can use the second side of the paper to make a mat for your photo.  I sanded the edge of the frame with sandpaper to make the edges nice and tidy.  I acutally did two layouts of my brother this day, and I had torn out the centre of a page on the second layout, and so i used that as a mat for my photo.  I cut out the leaves from the back of one of the pages and added them to the page.  The frogs, I melted embossing powder into a silicon bowl, on a crepe maker (my new favouite crafttool)  and then tipped the melted powder into a frog mould, and then once it was set... I had a frog.  I added sprayed chipboard leaves, and then finally collections tags, added some ribbon, some text and my page is done

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