Sunday, February 20, 2011

Off the page project - Twiddley Bitz sleigh

So I know Christmas is finished but I really wanted to get this on the blog.  I started with a twiddleybitz sleigh. I glued the sleigh together, I painted it purple, well you should know that by now I like purple.  I just wanted to go away from the traditional red and green.  I lay a piece of winter bobunny paper, on the bottom of the sleigh, this is sort of a teal blue and silver paper. I
added some pale blue ribbon, that sort of had a tassle like finish, this went along the side of the sleigh.  Then added a twiddleybitz flourish to the back of the sleigh, i know that this sounds mean, but it sort of looked like antlers, not that i would have added real antlers, but i thought it gave me the look that I wanted, because at that stage I didn't have a purple reindeer, who knew one would turn up a few days later for me.  I added some flowers to the middle of the flourish, and the base of the sleigh.  I also added some wooden xmas decorations to toe sides, one is a christmas tree and one is a candy cane, I embossed them with silver embossing powder.  I still wan't happy with the flourish so I added some kaiser purple bling to the edges of the flourish. 
I was then still deciding what to put in the front, when one of my customers, Cindy came in with a christmas gift of a little purple angel, so i went down the road to the quilt shop, snipped a little bit of batting off the roll, thanks Milton, and added it to the front of my sleigh, and put my little angel in it.  I then was given a wonderful purple reindeer, from another customer Esmae Meehan, tied it to the sleigh, and well if i had taken the photo a day earlier, you would have seen a whole sleigh full of Chocolates, but we had a christmas evening the night before, so nothing in it just as well, you would all want some chocolate then, so i am doing you all a favour.

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