Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Custom Made Words By Imagine If

Hi, I decided to take part in Ali Edwards 2015 one little word challenge,
my word is BUILD, I created a vision board so I can look at
my word when ever I sit at my craft desk.
My canvas is 18inch x 18inch . so I asked Jo from Imagine If
if she could cut the word BUILD large and in a script font.
Here is the finished item. I love this and wanted to share
so you can see what you can do with a different size or design
of your own
So I started with a canvas covered with primer. I then collected
so old and a couple of new magazines and proceeded to cut
out what ever called out to me.

Being able to get custom words done is GREAT when doing
your family heritage albums

I love this, it reminds me to focus on building a life of health,
happiness and love .
So remember you don't have to follow the crowd you can do
your own thing, just contact Jo at Imagine If  easy as that.
Below are a few of some others I had cut by Imagine If also

Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog today.  
Have a fabulous day


  1. I like the idea of a vision board...think i need to make one! Great idea thanks :)

  2. Wow I so love this board... Bringing in 'Build' was great and the word has multiple uses 😊

  3. Fabulous Carol, what a great idea and it looks awesome