Monday, April 4, 2016

Summer Art Journal Page with Sharon

Hi everyone

Hope you have all been enjoying a summer break ( although I think at times we all need a break from summer with these hot temps we have been having!)

I have been playing in my art journal this week, and am going to share with you my art journal page "Summer" .  These are the three Imagine if stencils I have used in the making of my page.

The first step is to create a back ground using a variety of acrylic paints, scratching some designs into the paint while wet ( Sometimes, I make my art journal pages on smooth white card, and then glue that into my album ....this is what I did this time ) I have used  various shades of blues and aquas.

Next choose a stencil and using a sponge apply colours to suit on top of the dried back ground. Alter the colours around the page to create depth of colour

Highlight some of the circle shapes using either a white journal pen, or a paint applicator which creates fine lines. 

After the last step has dried, add the circular stencil in the top corner using a bright sort of represent the sun, and then stencil the girls face using a dark colour. ( I used indigo) Once this is dry, shade around the jawline with a black gelato, and smudge to fade out. 

Using a fine paint brush or applicator squiggle some aqua "waves along the base. Use indigo paint to add cross hatches, and "smoosh" around the edges to create a rustic border. Also paint the lid of a spray bottle and stamp random circles in the dark colour.

Finally add some red gelato like "lippy" to the  lips, and using a damp cotton bud, spread to fill in the lip shape.
Type out some journalling on coordinating scrap of paper, and adhere to the page. Add another touch of red in the form of a gauze heart to introduce another touch of the red.

Thanks for looking.


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