Monday, April 4, 2016

Birdcage Canvas with Tracy

Hello, today I want to share a canvas I created that has a neat little bird cage on it so its quite a 3d canvas. I just knew I wanted to use the birdcage it was just a matter of putting on my brave face and cutting it in half so it fits flat on the canvas. So first used I used Gesso on the canvas to prime it, then place my chipboard elements on it. As you can see from the photo below I only had a few on it, then decided to add more until I was happy, but these were the main elements - Branches, Birdcage and of course those cute little mushrooms.
Before sticking everything down I used circle template and texture paste to give background a little bit of interest. After placing gesso over everything I then mixed up two spray bottles of colour, one using Art Ingredients Mica Powder - Copper and Art Ingredients Mica Powder - Teal.
After spraying colour and allowing time to dry I then sprayed whole canvas with Matte Medium mixed with water to set the colour so it doesn't rub off.
 And a few close ups....
Hope you enjoyed looking at my project and maybe even gave you a little inspiration. Mixed media is so easy and fun to do,,,, if you haven't done canvas I highly recommend you give it a go! Until next time,,, happy crafting. Tracy
Items used
Chipboard Birdcage
Chipboard Mushrooms

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