Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off the page - vintage camera

This is a vintage camera that I purchased, don't worry it was broken before I started to make it better.  I used paper to cover the camera first, that was quite hard to do.  I actually did it twice, because I decided that I didn't like the first paper, so i did it all again.  I put brads through the handles and then glued them back into place.  (I will not admit to anything, but i may not have marked where the screws went).  Then I added prima vines, and then birds nests and some greenery and I had this little cardboard clapper that I added, and a film strip that I would a round the camera, and some tulle, and flowers.  I had a little 7 gypsies rubon about photography which I added.  I have it with my other vintage camers.  

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