Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off the Page project - My little old curiosity shop

This was a project of love, I spent hours and hours on this project, and may have got totally obsessed with it.  First I used a dusty attic advent calendar, but changed my whole thoughts on what i was going to do.  Starting with graphic 45 paper, I covered all the boxes and then decided not to add four boxes, which gave me two bigger areas.  I wallpapered all the walls and aheavy paper for the floor.   Then I started designing areas, on the left an apocothary room, on the right a sewing room.  I made everything where possible, the cotton reels, the bottles I filled, even the book that the bear is reading, I made.  Then I moved from left to right.  I used some gates that I changed my mind on with another project, and damaged takign them off, and used that as a base, and added earth sort of products, like shells, and straw.  Then on the right I started off with a dressing table, and mirror.  I used foil to make the mirror and papered the dressing table.  Then I kept finding all sorts of bits and pieces, i kept playing until I was happy.  I used alcohol ink to colour metal things that were the wrong colour, and then went on the scounge to find all the other bits and pieces that I wanted.  I wanted the sign to look like it was flying, but not being that mechanically minded I added wings.  I must admit everyone who sits and stares long enough, start to see all the very cool little things I have collected over the years, I knew they would come in handy one day. 

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