Sunday, December 13, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope that this year has been wonderful, and creative and somewhere along the way you go a chance to play and enjoy yourself.  Once again the year is coming to an end, and what a non stop year it has been.   This is the best season for me, and once again plans are well underway for the big day.  24 people for games afternoon and then dinner.  Games this year have been kept under wraps again, and lets just say the photos will be good.

Some of the ladies that attend weekly classes all got together for the final night on Thursday night, and it was all go.

I made them all play a game, where you draw a Christmas scene on a paper plate, while it is on your head, and it was a little harder than people thought, especially when you think you are being so careful and keeping track of where you have already drawn.   Of course I was a little mean, and made them draw things in the wrong order, to put them off.  Girl has to have some fun.

Website stress: is still on going, we are getting there slowly and the new site will now be up after Christmas, in the meantime the old site is still running, but is not being updated.  If you see something you like please email me and I can tell you if it is in stock.

We haven't had a sale for two years, so we thought we would celebrate Christmas with:
all scrapbooking papers $1.30
50% off stand of various products
30% off all stickers
20% off everything else,  

We have been doing a lot of design work for people, and this was for a 90th Birthday, these were made for the centre of every table.

Make n take day's
Tuesday 15th December 10am til12pm - 1pm til 3pm
Wednesday 16th December 10am - 12pm - 1pm 3pm

We will be having the classroom open for a few small projects.  There is a fireplace kit $12.00 (20 minutes)
a note book $4.50 (10 minutes)
and a love tile $3.50 (10 minutes)
fairy $8.00 (20 minutes)
you can choose to do any of these projects
there are limited quantities, you can turn up or book it is up to you, however we will not guarantee what is available if you choose not to book.

This is one page from of our final Scrapbooking class for this year, using the Christmas overlay. 
One of most favourite products is now available again, Opal dust, glitter and sparkle and I use it heaps especially at Christmas time.  It is not on the website, but if you want some ring or email me.  Love love love this stuff.
My latest piece in the Mixed media class we had last week.  The ladies all did an amazing job. 
Ngaere has made this awesome little project with the little fireplace kit.  Checkout the blog for more pictures.
This is Tracy's version
This is Sharon's version.  These are all on the blog to check out.
We have decided to close on Tuesday DECEMBER 22nd 3pm.
We will not reopen until January 26th 2016.  
I will be in and out of the shop over the last two weeks of that break in January prepping classes, so if you are coming over and want to call in, please ring and I will advise if I or Pauline can meet you there.  Someone else who only just started will be in New York... hmmmmm.
For any inquiries please email me on
or text or phone 0274991485 work hours would be preferred.

Stay safe


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