Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fireplace Off the Page with Sharon

Hi everyone. Hope your crafting is keeping you busy in this "silly season"

Today I am sharing with you an MDF project which is a "fireplace".
I have created a wee fireplace assemblage, which I have decorated to become part of my Christmas decoration collection.

Step One
Using a super heavy gesso, coat the fireplace surround. I used it reasonably thickly, and did a couple of coats, as I want this to be the "mortar" of my brickwork

Step Two
Using Coarse pumice gel or Coarse sand gel ( you can make your own with 3D gel medium and very dry clean sand added to it ) Add either brown ink to the pumice gel and mix together to get a uniform colour. I didn't have brown, so I mixed green and red together to get a good dark brown colour. 


Step Three
Using a palette knife, spread a layer of the brown gritty medium onto the surface of the fireplace surround. While this is still wet, scratch away this brown medium to reveal the white underneath. I used a skewer. You need to wipe the excess away very often. I chose to make my bricks very uneven in size and shape, to give it a more rustic feel. You could use a brick stencil and just wipe the texture medium through it if you like.

Step Four
On the back piece of the fireplace, I used this viva decor ferro medium. It gives a really good metallic look, and is textured, a little like the back of a fireplace. Spread all over with a palette knife

Step Five
Apply gold crackle medium to the other part of the fireplace surround. I used the viva decor croco colour and put it on reasonably thickly, then dried with the heat gun to encourage heavy cracks.  I put together all the pieces and I also painted the top mantle of the fireplace with this gold for a more festive feel. ( This also covered up the joins of the MDF)

Step Six

Paint all the other edges with more of the viva decor ferro medium. ( I find it just gives it a bit of texture, and the subtle sparkle is quite cool)
I then rolled up some brown bazill cardstock, very very tightly to create logs which I stacked in the fireplace. I found it is easier to spritz the cardstock and roll tightly, gluing the last inch or so, to get a tight roll. You can ink the ends of the logs to simulate the rings of the log.

Decorate with items of your choice. I have had these puffy stickers sitting in my stash for a "month of Sundays" and they were the perfect size to hang from the mantle piece on a thin piece of string. Of course you can stand wee items on the top of your fireplace to decorate it further! And wouldn't it make an awesome part of a miniature dolls house! I could see a whole house designed around this one piece!!

Thanks for looking.


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  1. That is so gorgeous. Thanks for the details of painting this. I've been thinking about buying some Ferro for another project and this looks so good on the back you've convinced me...