Friday, March 13, 2015

Exploring Texture - Ngaere

I have always loved projects that have a lot of texture on them and over the past few weeks I have been exploring different ways of getting more texture into my projects using the chipboard pieces from Imagine If. I thought that I had explored it enough but there was still another project in me so I decided to make a mask as a change of pace.  Here is the finished piece.

And here is the process.

Take one blank mask and some chipboard peices, in this case wings, keys and padlocks from the new range at Imagine If.  Rip a few holes int he mask then paint everything with black gesso.

Once the gesso is dry add some mesh tape and some masking tape over the mask in places.  At this point the mask looks more like an accident victim than a piece of art.

Glue some diecut gears on the inside of the tears in the mask, then glue tissue paper over the back side of the gears.

Add more gear diecuts  (Memory Box) over the front of the mask. It doesn't matter what colour card you use as it will all be painted black. I also added strips of black card to make it look like steel plates. the rivets are circles punched out black card and added after the paper strips were glued down.  

Then because I wanted more texture I added pieces of chicken wire diecut (Cheery Lynn)
over what I had already added to the mask.

It looks pretty rough at this stage but it will get there in the end.  I added the teeth from a zipper and I painted everything with black gesso.  I embossed the chipboard and dry brushed it with Viva Inca Copper and Lumiere Pewter and assembled the pieces.  I drybrushed the whole mask with the same paints and added a little Ferro gold.  I then glued on the chipboard pieces and the mask was done.

Hope you enjoyed this project. 


  1. love this - amazing textures, going to steal a couple of these ideas i think

    1. You go for it Eileen, that is what it is all about giving people ideas to try on their projects and I would love to see what you come up with,

  2. Fantastic textures! Thanks for sharing!