Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 and hello to a new year.

Hi to everyone and hello 2015.

So we begin another exciting year, lots more plans and classes already underway, but first a quick catch up
. . 

Firstly we had an awesome Christmas, well two actually Christmas eve at my place, and those that were still around Christmas day, at my brother and sister n laws with awesome food and music.
The best thing we did however was a week in Vanuatu with the girls and their partners, where we learnt a few things:
No1:  My husband tried to drown me on a jet ski... he was probably trying to pay me back for all the newsletter comments that I make about him.  But it was okay because I ended up going with the tour guide.. a strapping young man, shirtless..but he did have a life jacket on, (no actually I hung on to the seat - not him) but was awesome.

No 2: You should never play Monopoly with the two boys as they formed a partnership (who knew that was legal) gave free passes to each other and tried to take over NZ (NZ Monopoly), however they forgot there was four Johnson's playing, so with a little bit of team work (okay we helped each other out) we took the boys down, playing late into the night (actually early morning) to do so though.

So that was my holiday, though I have to say doing class plans on the deck at the Bali Hai club was awesome, all my Senz classes are drawn up, my Nelson SPA retreat weekend classes are drawn up, scrap classes are planned, and ready to be actually completed.

I have spent hours on the website, and if you check it out you will see that we have loaded most of the mixed media products we stock

 all the miniatures for dolls houses, models, and more

we are next on to the chipboard and then the metal embellishments and we will be up to date, lucky we still have two weeks before classes start.  Then we are all go.

We have started our own range of invitations, they are laser cut, and if I hadn't left my Ipad sitting on the deck in the sun, and the small amount of rain we had the other night I would have photos to show you, unfortunately I now need a new Ipad, (I know stupid! ).  We are also engraving chopping boards and bread boards.  So that will all follow, after i get a new Ipad and re photograph them.  But if you have a wedding to go to I can engrave names and dates into boards, and more.  If you want something really different for a wedding present or a special anniversary come and have a talk about what we can do.

Hours for Summer: 
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10am - 4pm
Tuesday Closed
Saturday 1-am - 12pm
Sunday closed.

Please note:  Even though we are open, the front door maybe be locked, as we are working on lots of custom cutting now.  So for the summer period we will have access via the back door.  If you park in our carpark come in behind the BNZ bank or behind the Crazy cow restaurant, then drive behind the creche not the first car park but the 2nd one, we have named (imagine if) car parks you can use and just come in the back door (it is the wide open garage door). 

If you are on Canada street parked, just go to the right hand side car park beside triple jump (our neighbours) walk down carpark a few metres, and the door is right there.


These run in conjunction with the school terms.  Bookings essential

New Scrapbooking class - Tuesday night 6pm - 8pm $20.00.  This will be for 2 pages, sometimes 3.  Everything supplied, except your tools, tape and glue.  Every now and again you may need to purchase something extra, but usually everything is included in the price.   I teach technique, so you will learn and get to play with lots of products, sometimes just paper.   You get notice of what photos to bring, and you can always add them later if needed.  You need to sign up for the term, as I need to buy enough product in to cover class requirements.  
If we only get a few or if it suits better, we can change to a Thursday night.

Wednesday Morning 10am - 12pm Scrapbooking classes  FULL at this stage.

Cards & Box Classes:  Friday's 10am - 12pm - $12.00
This is a new set of classes we will be doing on alternate weeks, one week cards, the next boxes, etc.
You will learn to make usually two cards (depending on how intricate or one box, there are some amazing projects planned.  Everything supplied for the $12.00.  You will learns all sorts of techniques from stamping, folding, mixed media, layering, simple, over the top, etc.  The boxes are great to give as gifts, to hold things, to add cards to or chocolate etc.

Thursday night class: 6pm - 8pm.  $5.00 per person.
This is where you get to play and do whatever you want, or you can buy a kit and complete it in this time.  
One off classes starting in February held on a Saturday or Sunday, dates confirmed next week. 
Mixed media class - art class
10 scrap booking pages in one day class  (maybe kit available)
Mother n daughter recipe book class  (kit available)
52 playing cards -  Date night or family night ideas
(kit available)
Photography class

So that is the first plan, booking are essential for the set classes, please book in as soon as possible, so I can get stock ordered.

Keep an eye out for the design team this week, they have giveaways, and we will be starting a weekly specials pack.

Don't forget to follow us on facebook for updates, blog details, and other bits of information.

enjoy the sun if you are in NZ, or somewhere else sunny.  If you are in the snow, I hope you are not to cold.


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