Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas everyone

Well the tree is well and truly up, the presents all two of them are under the tree (okay there are some hidden ones, but we cannot discuss those as we agreed not to buy for each other, because he got me a new spa pool - but it seemed fair since really the spa is for me). We have a couple of huge days planned, we are all going kayaking for one day and eating the other, sounds like a good way not to spend two days eating.  My family get together is always fun, and this year it has got a bit bigger again, we are lucky enough to have a lovely guy join us, Samantha's partner Sean.

I am pleased to say that the shop has gone from strength to strength and classes are nearly always full, and for that I am truly grateful, that you put your faith in me.  I have enjoyed doing some really cool projects this year, and when someone says to me that they feel inspired, and that I gave them a new purpose, then I can honestly say I am very proud of what we are doing.

Pauline has been amazing this year, from running the make n takes at Senz to taking classes for Children every week, it makes my life a lot easier, not to mention she makes my coffee perfect, although i do blame her for the slip up on the diet when she feels like a cake, I never feel like one till she mentions it.

We have a lot of new products in, and the job over the next week or so of the Christmas break is to get more stock loaded.  It has been a major struggle this year to keep up with that, the shop, the classes, the design team, and the custom cutting we are doing.  So will have to address that next year.

We have booked into Senz, a large stand, a whole classroom, so that is going to keep us busy, and I am off to Nelson to the Spa retreat to teach as well.  I am in discussions with about coming to Northland to teach, and a few other places.  We will be looking at doing scrapbooking kits as well, as we know a lot of people cannot get to our classes.  Plus other kits as well.

Please if you are following us on facebook, make sure your notifications are turned on for us, as you wont get to see our posts if they aren't.  When our post comes up, top right is a little arrow, click on that and a drop down box shows one that says turn on notifications.   Congratulations to all our winners this year.

We are now closed until the 13th of January when we will be on limited hours, and then we re open on the 20th January properly.  Classes start with the school term.

I want to wish each and everyone one of you a Merry Christmas, please stay safe.  Forget the diet Christmas day, spend time with friends, family, have lots of fun.  Lick your knife, and the bowl clean.  I hope that 2015 is Amazing, that the world is good to you, I hope with all my heart that we do not go to war, that the goodness in people will prevail, and that we can all look at strangers and smile.

I decided to add a little game that we like to play when we are all together, it is really simple.  Everyone starts with a present, and you stand in two lines or a circle, and everyone time you hear the word left, you pass your parcel to the left, if you hear the word right, you pass to the right, and if you hear the word across you pass your parcel across.  It is a great game, and so much fun to play, doesn't matter if you are young or old. So if you are having a big get together or a medium one, try it out.

I have added the game below, so you can print it out, to play.

Thanks for all your support.
Imagine If...             

This is a story about Mr. and Mrs WRIGHT. One evening they were baking cookies. Mrs. WRIGHT called from the kitchen, "Oh no, there is no flour LEFT! You will need to go to the store." "I can't believe you forgot to check the pantry," grumbled MR. WRIGHT. "You never get anything RIGHT!" "Don't be difficult, dear," replied Mrs. WRIGHT. "It will only take twenty minutes if you come RIGHT back. Go along Studholme street, and turn Right at the stop sign. Then go to Thames Street and turn LEFT, drive along there and there it will be ACROSS the street on your Right," declared Mrs. WRIGHT. Mr. WRIGHT found the store and asked the clerk where he could find the flour. The clerk pointed and said, "Go to aisle four and turn LEFT. The flour and sugar will be on your LEFT, or perhaps it may be ACROSS the aisle, on your RIGHT, I just don’t remember for sure."
Mr. WRIGHT made his purchase and walked RIGHT out the door. He turned LEFT, but he couldn't remember where he had LEFT his car. Suddenly he remembered that he had driven Mrs. WRIGHT'S car and that his car was in the driveway at home RIGHT where he had LEFT it. He finally found Mrs. WRIGHT’S car ACROSS the parking lot and to the RIGHT. Eventually, a weary Mr. WRIGHT found his way home. Mrs. WRIGHT had been waiting impatiently. "I thought you would be RIGHT back," she said. "I LEFT all the cookie ingredients on the kitchen counter, and the cats got into the milk. You'll just have to go RIGHT out again. " Mr. WRIGHT sighed. He had no energy LEFT. "I am going RIGHT to bed," he said. "Anyway, I need to go on a diet, so I might as well start RIGHT now. Isn't that RIGHT, dear?" MERRY CHRISTMAS

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