Monday, June 9, 2014

Blog Hop this week

Hi everyone,
Welcome to our first ever blog hop to release what I think is an amazing new product  We decided that a blog hop would be fun, and it will showcase all the amazing new products that we have developed over the past few months.

But first Marilyn who is our card maker has made this simple, but beautiful card using, stencil flowers and felt flowers, with pearl strip, looks amazing. 

Our release this month is The Merry Go Round, it is made from chipboard, and is relatively simple to put together. Finished it stands 19cm tall and retails for $15.00.  You can buy it here 

Each of the Imagine If...designers was asked to select a theme for their Merry go rounds, and then they were left to play and WOW they look so good.You will see a lot of new product on each of the Merry Go Rounds, this product will all be available after Senz, if it is not already on the site now. 

I went with a New Zealand scene, I wanted to imagine what a merry go round in the bush would look like.  

I used chipboard Birds, and then glued felt birds on top for texture.  I used felt ferns, and chipboard branches, and purple and white roses to give it a lift.

Most of us have found rotating displays to put them on, and they look amazing going round and round, so if you are coming to Senz you will see them in action.

So if you haven't been on a hop before, you need to go to all of the designers pages, and leaving a comment (on this one as well please) and we have a Free Merry Go Round (undecorated of course) as a prize for one lucky person who leaves a comment.  One entry per comment plus one for Liking on Facebook, so you can get nine entries if you do all comments and Facebook. Leave your comment and then click on the Rafflecopter link below to confirm you entry.

So are you ready to go on a Merry go round hop ..... the next stop in the hop is 
 Tash and her Butterfly Merry go Round
Lilian and her Vintage Merry go Round
 Beth and her Under the Sea Merry go Round
Carol and her Alice in Wonderland Merry go Round
 Brenda and her Boys Merry go Round
Ngaere and her enchanted Merry go Round
Katrina and her Christmas Merry go Round

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  1. Gosh what a fab idea... Love the card and the merry go round in the bush is very cool..

  2. This is so cute. I love that you chose NZ animals.

  3. These have all been utterly Fabulous. Love all the different themes, so diverse. Well done everyone. BTW, love Marilyn's card!

  4. OMGosh! Just love your chosen theme!!!

  5. What a great idea to do a bush theme. Clever thinking. Well done.

  6. Looks awesome, really like your theme!

  7. I love your NZ take on this. Very clever!

  8. I share your excitement. Looks fabulous!

  9. Just love the Kiwi theme to this. The pukeho are the best!!!

  10. Very cute! Hope you will bring them to your classes at Senz