Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spellbound project

Hey everyone, happy new year.  Welcome to 2013.
My first project was made after I had been to Melbourne, I had been trying to decide on my next creation for a little while.  I went to a cute little shop called "Spellbound" and saw some neat stones, crystals and decided that I wanted to make something a little different.

This project uses two 12x12 canvases that I hinged together, and added some feet to make it stand up. 
The paper is from Creative imaginations, that I have had for a few years.  I never wanted to use it, until I decided on this project.  I used a Twiddleybitz lamp post.  Firstly I painted it black, then I added silver embossing powder, and then stamped into it, to add texture.  Then I sanded it a bit.  The inside of the light I wanted to make it look like a looking glass or something a little ethereal,  I added red paint, and then black Kindy glitz.  The gate is acetate, and the little owl is from a jewellery piece that I recycled.

 A few flowers, stickers and leaves to finish the bottom of the project off.  I had originally planned on just using grunge board hinges, to connect the two canvases, so I die cut, painted and hammered them on, however they were not strong enough, so I added the ornate hinges.  I then had two leather like straps that seemed to be sticking out of nowhere, so I added all the ribbons.

The canvas was covered in Gesso, and then I stencilled the bricks on, and then painted over some of them.  I wasn't trying to make it perfect, more of an impression.  I then added balsa wood around all the edges and made the shelves which I painted.  I then starting adding, little stones, and crystals, jars and other little things that I had lying around.  The books on the first and 2nd shelves are hand made, including, all the little pages inside.    The top left black corner is a Twiddleybitz piece.  The purple vase on the far right of the bottom shelf, is the bottom of the lamp on the front cover, that I couldn't fit on. The cauldron is made from a measuring cup, that a friend made for me, when I couldn't find one that would fit.   

The Twiddlybitz cabinet, was the main piece I started this project with.  I painted it, and then filled it with a playing card, and some jars and other pieces, I wanted to use a key on the project and what better place, than to lock the cupboard.  So I hope you were spellbound. 

May 2013, be everything that you could hope for.

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