Friday, October 19, 2012

Tag 2 - In a world of possibilities

This is tag number 2, similar ideas to the first one, but this time I made the lace a little more important, and also though it is hard to tell, I sprayed a stencil of swirls with glimmermist on it as well. Also I stamped a saying on the torso, and added an extra sticker to enforce the saying. "In a world of possibilities, imagine yourself as one" in case you cannot read it.  I also did the resin additions again, and yes they were painted by me.  I used alcohol inks to paint them.  It is quite interesting because when you put one colour on top of another, they don't really like each other, and so they will pull away, so you can't really put shades in here and there, like you can with paint.  However in saying that I am really happy with how they have come up. Have you had a go yet?

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