Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scrapbooking - Time for the ball

Hi, this is my latest page that I created for a friend.  The clock in the background of the photo, was the starting point for this layout.  I wanted to keep the colours quite simple, and not add flowers or anything to take away from the boys.  I started with this page from Kaisercraft,  and mounted the photo on black cardstock.  I then cut a gate on the cricket using ornamental decor,  then carefully cut it in half.  I used these to edge a corner on each of the two photos.  I added large white brads to hold them in place,  I was going to stamp clocks on them, but decided against that idea, as I felt it was busy enough.  I added a black cutout clock from scrapfx between the two photos.  I then pulled an old clock apart, and used the hands to pull the two photos together.  I used a brad to hold them in place, and a few glue dots, to hold them down. 

I then put a few clock hands on the left hand side of the page, I also added a few resin clear dots over the top of the smaller clocks.

  I hope you enjoy. 

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