Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scrapbooking page - Graphic 45 challenge

Graphic 45 Summer Layout Challenge
I decided to use the green page from the Wizard of Oz range. I decided that the Emerald city would make great grass, and then then with a bit of string, combine the hot air balloon to one of my daughters.  I wanted to use an unobvious piece of paper for this graphic 45 challenge, which was a summer layout.  It was time consuming to to cut all the edges of the page out, and insert other colours, I used the reverse of the page, on the leftand right  hand sides, and then black at the top and bottom.  I also had to cut the ballon out, and the clouds and move them.  I also wanted to use the No place like ......  I removed home, and put 1st place instead.

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