Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrapbooking - Brrrr page

When you are deciding on a page remember the weather.  This was a really cold day in Paris, and we were all dressed up nice and warm.  I wanted to make sure that I showed how cold it was as I decorated the page.  Firstly I used a chatterbox page in pale colours, with dark blue bazill cardstock to make it feel cold.  I used a chipboard letter and covered in versmark ink, then added foil and flocking powder and melted it.  This makes a glue type product, i then rubbed silver leaf all over the letter b.  You rub until all the flakes stop coming off.  Then i added metal brads down the page and around the photo.  Then i made a Kirigami folded snowflake (actually i think it is a lotus, but it looked like a snowflake) then some more blue snowflakes and we have a cold page.  Add extra RRRRRRRR and Enjoy.

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