Sunday, July 20, 2014

What are the design teams up to?

Hi everyone, and welcome to the beginning of another week.  Mondays don't you just love them!
Love this little funny when I saw it.

So the week has flown and i was going to do a big list of what is happening...and then came along the weekend and a chat with Paperzone's Patsy and Annemarie....oooh wonder what that was about! 
Anyways need to do a quick rethink, so will put out a newsletter on Wednesday now.

Congratulations to last week’s winner, Brenda McKay, she is getting a set of four Imagine If Stencils which were released at SENZ.

So this week I am showing you what I did with a wine bottle (or 2) and wine glass holder  that we have designed.   This is made form MDF and it has two very safe places for either two bottles of wine or one bottle and a glass.  This is really easy to assemble, and add your favourite bottle of something special for a gift.  The design also comes with two MDF glasses which can help decorate the little container. The wine bottle is etched onto the MDF so you could paint instead of papering this project if you wanted. 

The MDF pack is $28.00 and we are offering free freight for this week only.  Just think of the Christmas gifts that could go in this.Click here to check it out.  

also this week we have a project from Marilyn.
This lovely card is made using a felt monarch butterfly.    These two layered butterflies make a great embellishment, you could glue them to a magnet and they could be put on the fridge as well.  The card is very simple, but so elegant.

time to check out the design teams work this week.


Giveaway this week is two new chipboard clock cutouts and a set of chipboard keys
all you have to do is comment and like us on facebook and on the teams work, the rafflecopter does the rest.

whats better than a clock that is a key?

So click or comment to be in to win.  
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ready to go again and new posts from the team

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is dry and safe after this round of weather.  I used to live in Kerikeri and Kaikohe, so watching parts of Northland underwater is very sad, and brings back many memories, especially where the main road was washed away, I always got car sick coming around there, so I always drove that stretch of road when we were travelling home to the Waikato.
Well we are back from Senz, and recovered, as long as you consider recovered as still wanting to go to bed at 8pm.  Still it was worth the exhaustion, from the setup on Thursday, being told to go away as you kept touching things and husband wanted to just get his part done before I started unpacking.
I thought I was in charge!

So we went from this first photo, to go away Jo!, to the final look 7 hours later.

These were half eaten day 1:
NOT just by me though, everyone had to walk past us to set up their stall, so it kept everyone sustained through Thursday, but we had to go and buy another 4 packets on Saturday morning.  

It was lovely to catch up with everyone, and to have three out of four full classes, I was thrilled with the faith everyone had in me.  25 people certainly kept me busy, I have had some really positive emails from people who went, so that was just the best way to end the show. 

The products went very well, the chipboard, the MDF and the Stencils WOW, did they move.  I am still cutting orders even now a week later.

I was hoping to have all the products on line this week, but it just hasn't happened, but not from lack of trying, just all the orders.  My friends always tease me because I want everything done yesterday they say Rome wasn't built in a day Jo! but I always answer that is because I wasn't in charge, if I was, it may have been a different story, so I am sorry but I hope to have all the products on line this week.

We also have some amazing new products being imported at the moment, and as you will see I am expanding our product range.  Yes I know, bigger premises required! this space.

If you haven't had a chance to see our new stencils yet check these out..

They have been very popular, and everyone is pleased with how strong they are.  Where possible I am putting the negative piece into the packaging, so you get a mask to use as well as the stencil, it doesn't work on all stencils like the boys words, or the faces. I have also cut along the bottom of the scene stencils to add extra to each one, the snowflakes have a snow drift at the bottom, the beach scene has waves, and the mountain and water scene has a waters edge cut into them.

We are also now doing Calico and Canvas flowers that I have been cutting, and flags, I cannot wait for you to see the banner that Lilian made for us from the canvas flags, and when I find what I have done with it, I will photograph it and put it up.

We are also doing chipboard books, shaped like a house, and splits in the middle and so many things, I cannot wait for you all to see everything.

Wednesday 23rd July 10am.  
Scrapbooking layout...$35.00  6 only for this class. 
This folded layout, is great for holidays, birthday's or when you have a lot of photos.
There is a waterfall feature, and uses magnets and has a hidden envelope for more photos.

You will get all the paper, magnets, and heaps of embellishments, and instructions to finish it off at home, because the pictures take ages to organise as you can fit up to 20 on here.

August classes will be out next week, and we will be doing some kits as well soon.  Not to mention there is going to be some collaboration with another well known brand so keep an eye out for that.  
Blog hop:
Today the girls have a range of different things on their blogs, each has just been playing.

Today my project is Time for Tea
This cute little MDF teapot is so easy to put together, the parts are all labelled and it just clips and glues into the slots.  I have decorated it in Graphic 45 secret garden paper, and added feet and a knob to make it look so cute.  I have added the tea quotes which come with the teapot kit, and then added lots of flowers to match my paper.  I have added some steam with some muslin and some pearls.  I have also added some fabric tape to the edges of the teapot and some pearl ribbon drops that I had in my stash.

I really wanted to make a book to put inside the teapot, but time was against me, but it is hollow inside and would be a great place to add a stash of tea as a gift for a friend, the feet and the knob do not come with it, but there are so many ideas out there we decided to leave that up to you.

The kit is $26.00 and if you are interested in it, we will send it freight free this week.  Just email me and we will sort out the details.
Ready to go and check out the other girls work!  
Prize: A set of 4 Imagine If stencils: Rain Go Away, Walking in Sunshine, Snowflakes, and Twinkle Little Star, all you have to do in comment on the girls blogs and on here to be in the draw.  The more blogs you comment on the more you will be in the draw. 


Well that is it for me today, please stay safe in this weather, happy crafting.  

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