Sunday, January 9, 2011

Off the page proejct - kaiser star wreath

Star Wreath
Using a Kaiser star wreath base I painted it blue.  Paint all the sides and the back if you are going to hang it somewhere that you will see the back.  I covered the front of the stars with Bobunny paper, I enjoyed using the blue as apposed to traditional christmas colours.  I wanted it to be used all year round. 
i then glued all the stars on to the ring (supplied).  I used a mixture of staple gun and hot glue gun depending if the star was being seen.  I also used a good wood glue to hold if the glue from the glue gun didn't (which happens quite a bit.  But i wanted to carry on decorating so it is easier to use the glue gun for that purpose. 
I added shaped bling swirls to add a purple touch (if you don't know that i like purple you do now.) I added purple kaiser bling dots as well. 
I added scrap fx words believe, dream and inspire painted purple to stand out.
Then I added ribbon to hang it, and then some strands down the bottom as well.   A couple of flowers for extra depth and its done.

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