Sunday, January 9, 2011

card - shaker box

This is a shaker box card, great for christmas or you can use any theme.
1stly stamp an image twice, it needs to be a image that you can cut a window out of.
Cut around the edge of the stamped image on both images.  
Then cut a square or rectangle window out of one of the images.  Cover the hole on the back of the image with acetate.  Double side tape it in place. 
Then around the edge of the now covered window on the back put foam tape to make a thick raised edge.  Make sure you do not leave any gaps when you are doing this as we fill the window with beads or glitter or sand if you were doing a beach scene, and you do not want any of the filling falling out.  Fill with 1/2 a tsp of beads or glitter, or a mixture of both.  Pull off the cover of the foam tape so it is sticky becareful when you are doing this.  Now you will put the 2nd image on top, the stamped image will be face down.  Push the 2nd image around the sides to make sure it is well adhered.  Turn your shaker box over and you have a great little embellishment for any card, or scrapbook page.

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