Thursday, May 3, 2018

May Newsletter

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 F.Y.I - Find Your Inspiration Craft Show!
(F.Y.I you do not want to miss it!)
Good Day All!
We have completed 7 massive classes all around New Zealand, for Pretty Rustic 2018!
AND Finished a big BEAUTIFUL weekend in Taupo for Autumn Escape 2018 (which was amazing, cant wait for next year!)  Now to convince mum that I should have the room with the spa bath!

And now we have a break to relax..... *insert peaceful sigh of relief*....... Well that was nice!
Time to get ready for the rest of the year!!!

We have Pinkalicious on May 19th in Palmerston North!!
So to all of our old and New friends in that area we look forward to seeing you so soon!!!

And of Course we have SENZ 2018 in July 20th - 22nd at the Ellerslie racecourse, which is always a big weekend for us!

And Then FYI Craft Show, which I am so excited to start telling you guys about but just a little bit longer and all will be revealed!!! Lets just say it will be colourful, and lots of FUN and you are going to kick yourself if you don't go!

For now we have the Laser cutters going frantically to cut all of our NEW kits coming out for our upcoming shows, I have seen the words "Fairy" and "Scientist" floating around I wonder if that's a clue.....

OOH Did I mention we moved the shop around??? Yeah we did that again :) Looks better every time!!!
Also Aly has been working really hard getting the website up to date, so our Online shop has changed  a bit too!

Whats New:
Well we have Cheryls New Art Journalling Class: Which is being held every Tuesday night 6pm - 8pm, and Thursday 1pm -3pm. This Art Journalling class is about finding away to express yourself in art, we will teach you the basics techniques, and provide you with the tools and supplies, but the rest is up to you. This is a Beginners to Advanced Class so ALL are welcome!!! Maybe it is time to be brave and try your hand at something new! And there are a few spaces left so bring a friend if your shy!

We have doubled our paper range in store, and will be trying to get this all on line in the next few weeks, in between everything else, if you are a bit of a flower lover, we have also doubled our range of flowers, and of course we have new designs of chipboard!

And Finally we doing another 9 pages in a day class May 12th! Details below!

Thats all for now!

- Sammy 
Upcoming Classes:

9 Pages in a day
We are finally back and ready to start this again. 
Make 9 pages, with different themes and colours!
May 12th 9am - 3pm $90.00
Lets get creative!

Art Journalling with Cheryl: $15.00
Every Tuesday Night 6pm - 8pm
or Thursday 1pm -3pm

Scrapbooking With Jo: $25.00 each week for a term
Wednesday 10am-12pm Scrap Booking Classes JO
Thursday 6pm-8pm Scrap Booking Classes JO

Cards with Pauline: $20.00 for three cards
Friday May 25th, 10am - 12:30pm
FYI - Find Your Inspiration Craft Show 2018!
SENZ 2018!
Paper Pack Specials!
Special Deal: Buy the pad, and get the journal cards for free!  

Love Story - 12x12 Paper Pad

Like a love story that never ends, the Love Story Collection by Frank Garcia embraces the beauty of friendship, bravery and eternal love. Featuring soft blush and pastel colors, pink foil and modern lettering, this collection will truly make you fall in love over and over again. 12x12 pad features 24 sheets, 6 double sided designs 4 each, includes pink foil accents.
Special price, buy the pack and the the Emphera cards are your for free! 
Case of the Blahs! Paper pack 12x12

Time for something a little different, we have this range of paper called A Case of the Blahs! Now if the name doesn't catch you, the designs certainly will.  Its' great to find something a little different, and this paper pack certainly does that. 
Oh My Goodness,
Now this is a pack after my own heart.  

Stamperia clockwise paper pad, if you like clocks, chain and metal this paper pad is amazing.

If you did the Pretty Rustic tour you will know about the Stamperia range of paper, and the quality and beautiful imagery they use.
Click here to buy!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

March Madness

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At Mystery Creek November 3rd & 4th

 Hi everyone,

Well we are almost halfway through the month, its been crazy (when isn't it though) and its about to get more hectic!

We had Pretty Rustic Morrinsville on March 3rd and 4th which was super fun(exhausting)! We received mountains of thank yous and compliments so we must of done a good job, which is a relief when you consider how long we have been planning and creating the event! 1 down 5 to go!

Pretty Rustic Dunedin, Invercargill and Christchurch is this weekend, so the week has been spent getting ready for that! After receiving an extremely expensive quote to freight all of our gear we have had to unpack all of our beautiful pizza boxes, repacking them into zip lock bags and flattening out the boxes, there were tears.... But we did it in.

Aly and Jo fly down to Dunedin on Friday Morning with so much luggage, there is no room for clothes, (mums excuse to go shopping), So Pauline and I have decided we are going to go to the beach on Friday and have the next two weeks off seeing as the boss is away. Somehow I think she will find out so on second thoughts maybe we wont do that.

So the shop will be open, and classes are as normal thanks to Pauline and Cheryl taking over, which means I AM IN CHARGE! (That was quick I have only been here three months and now I am the boss for 10 days).

Thats it from me Sammy, (the new boss) for now. 

ps...We have one Tim Holtz Glass Mat left!
Buy Here

Art Journalling Classes Tuesday Nights!
More Info next Newsletter!

Upcoming Classes:

Saturday 24th March: Bottle Class $25.00
Saturday 14th April: Men's Book 

Ongoing Classes:

Wednesday 10-12 Scrap Booking Classes: Jo
Thursday 6-8pm Scrap Booking Classes: Jo


Art Journalling Classes Tuesday Nights!
More Info next Newsletter!

Its clear out time, we just need to make space for all the new product coming into the shop, so we are having a clear out
SHOP 50% OFF Colour Blast Sprays!
Envelope Book Kits! $20.00
Only 3 Left!!!
Shop Here
with Cheryl
Start you art journal
Learn to put texture on a page and how to add colour.
No book included in this, but paper supplied. 
See if you like the craze that is sweeping the world. 
Thursday 21st
Class 1pm-3pm!
Bookings essential

To Book in:
Phone: 078897838
Bottle Class $25.00
Saturday 24th March:10am-12pm

To Book in:
Phone: 078897838
Saturday 14th of April: Men's Book Class

To Book in:
Phone: 078897838
New product release: Tim Holtz Tissue rolls
Botanical, Avairy and Floral.  Rolls of tissue paper for collage, we have had the Melange, and the travel for a long time, but this is beautiful, love love love, this product.  Card making, scrapbooking, art journalling and mixed media art of course.  $14.00 per roll. 
Click here to shop Tim holtz tissue
New product release: Dina Wakley Scribble sticks
Scribble Sticks are versatile, high quality pigment sticks that sketch like crayons but are water-soluble like watercolor pencils. Create backgrounds and blend color to a transparent shade using water or create bold, opaque designs, scribbles and marks on top of Dina Wakley Acrylic Paints and other mediums. Colors include: Blushing, Sedona, Cheddar, Olive, Evergreen, Peacock, Ocean, Lapis, Marine, Fuchsia, Eggplant and Elephant.
Shop here for scribble sticks 
New product release: Tim Holtz Assemblage
Products for jewellery and for your books and albums.
So cool, from cuffs and hearts, and baroque designs. 

Check it out shop here 


Love, leaks and lots of new products

Like what you see... check out the website
Hi all,
Welcome to all our new subscribers, we seem to have quite a few people join us lately for newsletters, so that is awesome.  We have had a fun few weeks, with massive flooding in the back of the shop, 5 days to dry it all with 5 large loud dryers was really not the best environment.  So Pauline and I spent a few days at my place, packing kits, with the doors open, over looking the gully and paddocks listening to the birds chirping, it almost seemed like a small holiday.  Almost!  Just as we finished with all of that on the Wednesday, the clouds opened, and the rain came again, only this time through the roof, and 5 buckets were needed to catch the waterfall (okay really big droplets), lights switched off as water came in the light fittings, we had to try and set up class for 20 ladies the next day, in the dark

Saturday morning, Pauline and Aly had the bad news a friend was killed in a car accident, so I guess when it came down to it, water wasn't the worst thing in the world.  It certainly puts things in perspective, and we were reminded of how precious family and friends are and how fleeting time can be.

So we are starting a new week, with high hopes and positive smiles that this week will be a lot better.  We have had a lot of new stock coming in and out of the door, in fact some stock, has been and gone and didn't even make it on to the website. So we have already had to re-order, and we are now in the queue for new stock, so if you are after the alcohol ink tins, please order these, and trust me, they are amazing! I love love love it.  My inks all stand up, I don't have to spend ages looking for them, at $20.00 they are a fantastic buy.
We did our practice run of Pretty Rustic 20 pages in a weekend, and we were very pleased to say that most people got 20 pages finished, so that was great.   We got some amazing feedback, so feeling very proud of our efforts, now we have 74 people next Saturday, and we are in packing mode again.  See photos from the weekend below!

Well the rest of the email is all in Sammy's capable hands (oh my goodness we have a video on our newsletter), I have a class to get ready for in half an hour, so I had better get my self moving, all the best. 


New Products!!!!

This is the perfect book for all of you who love to art journal!
Sammy and Aly are in love and have already demanded I order two more for them!!

These Books are made up of 54 mulit-surface pages measuring at 25.5cm x 35 cm.
What do we mean by Multi-surface?
Some pages are canvas, some are burlap, watercolour paper and kraft surfaces.

This book really puts the Mix in mixed media!
NEW Dylusions Shimmer Ink Spray!!!

This gorgeous new sprays are available in the Dylusions Colour range BUT this time with a shimmer!
Click Here to check out the new range!!

Pretty Rustic Sneak Peaks!!!!


Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Storage Tin, this product is an absolute essential if you have a collection of alcohol inks! We have already sold 10 before they were even put on the shelf! So we have put another order in for another 10! 2 are already gone so ONLY 8 LEFT!!!
Pre-order yours by clicking here
Tim Holtz Tonic Glass Mat Click Here to pre-order.
We will let Tim Hotlz tell you himself why this product is amazing!
Watch the video below!

Tim Holtz Explains how to use the
"Tim Holtz Tonic Glass Mat"

Up Coming Classes!

Projects with Cheryl:
Thursday 22nd  February: Magazine Rack, $20.00
Thursday 3rd march : Greetings Card, Price $12.00

Saturday 24th February: Envelope book $20.00 10pm-12pm
Saturday 24th March: Bottle Class $25.00
Saturday 14th April: Men's Book $40.00

Pauline's Monthly Card Class:
March 16th Card class

Ongoing weekly Classes:
Wednesday 10-12 Scrap Booking Classes JO
Thursday 6-8pm Scrap Booking Classes JO
Magazine Rack 
Cheryl has designed and will be teaching you to make this Gorgeous Magazine Rack to store your newspapers and magazines! She has decorated it in a pink and flowers style but you have the option to do it STEAMPUNK style too!
3 Spaces available! $20.00 per person. Thursday 22nd Feb. 
Saturday 24th of February: Envelope Book!

Due to popular demand we have this available as a kit on Request for all you further away crafters!!
Saturday 24th of March: Vintage Bottle!
Saturday 14th of April: Men's Book Class

Friday, January 19, 2018

New Classes for Early 2018!

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I am so enjoying today, just a little cooler than it has been, a little rain will certainly help.  I know that Twiggy our cat has been happy, she comes into our room and sleeps under the fan, and just in line with air-con unit, and seems to sleep soundly, I on the other hand find myself sleeping on the edge of the bed.  We thought our other cat was out of sorts the other day as he had actually curled up on our bed (not in his usual spot in the wardrobe), I went in a little later and found the fan turned on, him stretched out, and looked extremely comfortable, sound asleep.  I thought he had a fever my big tough husband announced.  Good life in our house if your a cat I think.

The year is underway, we have been having lots of people coming to visit from out of town, so that has been awesome.  Sammy has been flat tack booking accommodation for all our classes on our tour with Pretty Rustic, as well as ferrys, and flights, and buses and anything else she can think of.  I don't know what is happening in Auckland in July besides Senz of course, but accommodation for 6 people was not easy to find, so if there is a group of you going I suggest that you do book early, as a lot of the two room apartments were all gone.  Aly is already busy with invitations, cake toppers, and business cards, and Pauline? well she went on holiday!

We have started our class list, and we will be adding to it every week, we have Cheryl teaching for us every Thursday and one Saturday per month (where possible) she will be teaching lots of varying classes, from week 1 making a small envelope book.  We are trying to keep these classes at a low cost for you where possible.

I am back teaching weekly scrapbooking classes, and Pauline is teaching one card class every month.   I am also teaching one off classes, like the Valentine heart, as I can fit them in, with everything else.

We have a lot of new kits underway, but of course our focus is Pretty Rustic tour at the moment, if you havent booked in, and you want to, there is limited spaces left.

Well that's all for now, we will have a newsletter out next week with pre-orders in them, as we have been busy ordering stock as it is being released at Creativation in the USA this week.

Don't forget we have a
BIG Announcement to come 

...and you do not want to miss it!
To book into one of the following classes please phone the shop on 07 889 7838 or email
Valentines Day Heart Class! 
Saturday 27th January | 10am-12pm | $45
Get ready for Valentines Day, with this Gorgeous Heart wall hanging - perfect for that special someone!
It is quite large, and you can choose your own colours, I am not sure if you can see the green and purple that I have done, but it has been popular when people have seen it hanging on the wall. 
Vintage Envelope Book
Thursday 1st of February | 1pm-3pm | $15.00
Make a cute vintage themed book using envelopes and Bobunny paper to create the pages. You can also add quotes make it any theme, it comes with one sheet of friendship quotes. 
Dress Canvas
Thursday 8th February | 1pm-3pm |  $20.00
Create this beautiful lace dress on a canvas - perfect for young girls room or for that BIG girl, the hardest part is choosing which lace to use. 
Magazine Rack
Thursday 15th February | 1pm-3pm | Price TBC
Create a fun magazine rack for your home or great as a gift for someone special. Photo coming soon.

Wooden Box
Saturday 17th February | 10am -1pm |  $70.00
Decorate a gorgeous wooden box, using a gold wash, rub-ons and chipboard. Great for storing all those little bits and pieces. Photo coming soon.

Greeting's Card
Thursday 22nd February | 1pm-3pm | Price TBC
Photo coming soon.
Prima Zella Teal Envelope book
Lear to make this book using Prima Zella Teal papers, envelopes and some stickers.  Has space for tags, and cards, and a great little gift, or turn it into a photo book if you want.
Saturday 24th February | 10am-12pm | $20.00
Bottle Class
Saturday 24th March | 10am-12pm | $25.00
Photo coming soon
From a Man's point of view
A men's Book Class

Saturday 14th April | 10am - 12pm | $40.00
Create this grungy, mens themed book - filled with sarcastic, and funny quotes by men!
Pretty Rustic Class - 20 pages class
Morrinsville Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March 9am - 4pm | $200.00   2 spaces left
Dunedin  Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March 9am - 4pm | $250.00   8 spaces left
Invercargill Tuesday  20th and Wednesday 21st March 9am - 4pm | $250.00   5 spaces left
Christchurch Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March 9am - 4pm | $250.00   5 spaces left
Wellington Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 9am - 4pm | $250.00   6 spaces left
Nelson Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 9am - 4pm | $250.00    2 spaces left

Please do not leave it to the last minute, we cannot get any more stock in, this is it.  20 pages, everything supplied, and boy are we going to keep you busy the product list is really big that you will be playing with.  So come and join us.    

We need to make LOTS of room for our NEW KITS so we are having a SALE on our end of line Kits!

That means this is your LAST chance to get these kits and at the best price ever! Check out the images on the right to see the Kits on Sale!

ONLY $35.00!!! 
(Normally $55.00)

To buy this kit click here

ONLY $35.00!!! 

(Normally $55.00)

To buy this kit click here

(Normally $65.00)

To buy this kit click here!
(Normally $65.00)

To buy this kit click here
Normally $65.00)

To buy this kit click here
Pauline's Monthly Card Class
FRIDAYS 10am-1pm | $20 per session
This class runs once a month throughout the entire year starting Friday February 16th. Create your own special handmade cards for all occasions!  Photos to come soon.
Make three greetings cards a session with our expert card maker Pauline! 

Jo's Weekly Scrapbooking Class
Wednesday's - 10am-12pm  
(10 Week Term starting 31st Jan to 11th April)
Thursday Night's - 6pm-8pm

(10 week term starting 1st of Feb to 12th April)

Classes are $30 per one off session
or sign up for the 10 week term and pay only $25 per session
We normally will complete 2-3 pages, sometimes even 4! Learn different techniques every week with a wide range of colours, papers, embellishments and mixed media techniques. 2 hours of full on giggling, socializing and scrapbooking fun!
Everything supplied except your tape, glue and paper trimmer, bring your own.
That's all for now, we hope to see you in store,
at a show or hear from you online!

Happy Crafting
Jo, Aly, Pauline and Sammy