Sunday, January 9, 2011

off the page project - storage drawers

Kaiser Storage drawers.
These drawers are a lot of fun for a young girl, but they can be made to suit everyone. 
1st put the wooden part of the drawers together then paint the frames.  It is best to put together, because the product can swell depending on your paint, and then it is nearly impoissible to put together without a whole lot of sanding. 
2nd glue the boxes together (helmar craft glue is great, or tiger grip.
3rdly paint the boxes inside if you wish
4th cover the boxes with paper or paint. Only the front is totally necessary.  I added paper to the top and sides of mine as well.
5th add embellishments to decorate the front of the boxes (not the sides)
6th add labels if required. 
All done, how easy was that.  If you want everything to stay in good condition, a layer of mod podge is a great way to make the surfaces washable.

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