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November is on it's way!

 Hi all,

Happy Labour day to all.  I hope you all had a chance to have some time off and a relax.  I actually spent a whole day removing the entire population of spiders homes from my house.  We have the painters coming in tomorrow and really didn't want them to see how much wildlife lives here at the moment.  So we are now cobweb free.  My husband is home at present, and thought he would be smart and make fun of the fact that I like lists, I find it is the best way to get everything done, so I have books of lists, work lists, things I would like to do lists, party lists, Christmas list is just being started and more.  So Mr Smarty pants wanted me to tell him what I wanted done around the house, and then when I mentioned a few he said he couldn't because they weren't on the list.  So I made him a list....a long list, in fact I pulled an old till tape out and wrote it on that.  You have heard the saying list longer that your arm...yes it was.  Haven't heard from him again,  probably wishing he was back in Christchurch.  I see the list has a pen attached to it now, and there are lines through several jobs, might be a really tidy house when he is finished.  Now what other jobs can I find him... seems a shame to let that list get much smaller. 

New shop hours
Things have been crazy, we do so much custom cutting and we are struggling to fit it all in.  I have found I am back working an 80 hour week, and that will end up in a disaster for me physically, and we will end up closed again.  Also with trying to custom cut I find we are out the back, and after losing quite a bit of stock a few weeks ago to a light fingered person,  I have made the decision to change the hours to suit the pattern of shoppers and to give us more custom cutting time.   However if you are coming to town on a day or a time we are closed please ring me, make a time and we can be open for you.  I will put the phone number on the shop door and if you ring me I can open up.   Phil and Jo at the prepare shop next door, can call out to me at the back of the shop, so pop in and see them if you do not have a phone.  I am sorry that we are not open all the time, but with the cost of staff we just cannot man the shop all the time.

How do you get hold of us?
You could print and cut this out and put it on your fridge to contact us....

Shop Hours and Contacts:

Phone: 0274991485
25A Canada street, Morrinsville.

Hours Open:
Monday: 10am - 1pm.
Tuesday - Closed  all day.
Wednesday - 10am - 4.30pm.
Thursday - 1pm - 4pm
Friday - 10am - 4pm
Saturday - 10am - 12pm.

Any other time by appointment only.
Product watch
Sprays:  There are a lot of brands of sprays out there now, it seems everyone has their own version out there.  Radiant rain and tattered angels was one of the first sprays out a few years ago.  i thought I would give you a bit of a heads up of what they are all about.
In general terms the sprays are a MICA, in water or alcohol.  That's it.  So what is MICA  - it is the colour in your product. I wont go into the scientific bits and pieces, but it is in your makeup, colour hairsprays and your paints.  It adds the colour, sometimes it has glitter added and sometimes not.
When adding sprays to card or paper there are a couple of things to watch for.  If you product you are spraying is absorbent then the colour will soak in, and you don't really get a bright colour it can be dull, however that is not a bad thing sometimes. If you want it to be brighter try adding gesso as a sealer, and then your colours will stand out more.
DONT SHAKE BOTTLES WITH GLITTER IN - hold nozzle in fingers of one hand, and knock the bottle against the palm of your other hand, shaking the bottle the mica and glitter goes up the tube and blocks it.

Now my personal opinion, and please this is not gospel - just what I think.
Lindy's stamp gang do sprays with glitter and flat sprays as well.  These are quite a delicate spray, softer colours.
Dylusions sprays are intense colours, strong, not glittery and good colour over your work. 
Mister Hueys sprays are more like a paint than a spray look.  Love love love the gold and the white.

When using sprays on mixed media, a little of everything is good.  If you want your colours to stand out, dry between spraying different colours, just like mixing paint you can mix colours and you can get great results, however just like paint, you can get mud colour if you are not careful.

What else is new:

Trinkets are coming in all the time,and they are proving very popular.

Also we have been cutting these wall pieces as below.  Always kiss me goodnight, and other new ones coming  along as well.  This one is approx 30cm but we are cutting them bigger as well.  Made from 3mm MDF.  This size is $20.00.

New release this week, is the French Patisserie. $45.00 I absolutely love this project.  We made 9 and have sold 2 already, so if you are interested in keeping your collection going then this is for you. It comes with bakery building, windows, doors, and has built in counters,  cupcakes and cakes, baking set, flour,  pearls, word, pink tape for awning, and either pink or blue ribbon for sun shades.  It does not come with paint or paper, this keeps the postage down.    This week it is freight free anywhere in New Zealand.

I am going to add snow to mine, to add to my Christmas village.  The cost of the kit is $45.00 including postage.  The building of the kit is $30.00 with out all the little bits and pieces.

Please purchase a kit here
Term 4 Children's After school classes -
Wednesday 15th  

$12.00 per week.  We will be playing with different craft ideas and mediums and making christmas gifts during the term.  You must sign up for the whole term.  Children must be of school age, primary or intermediate.  Not college children I am sorry.

Adult Class Lists:  New Classes added.  

Set classes
Wednesday 10am - 12pm  Scrapbooking class
This is a set class, and we have 10 permanent spaces booked out of a possible.  If you are interested please ring and book, if you can only come casually, you can ring and see if we have a space that week due to someone being away.  The cost will be approx $20,00 per week, everything supplied, but that price depends on what we are doing.   Friday
Every 2nd Friday card class.  $12.00  This week we are making an exploding box with a christmas theme.  Then on 14th November we will be making peelcraft cards, then the next class will be the 28th November, and the final class on the 12th of December.
Other classes Thursday 6.30pm - 9.30pm UFO night $5.00 - unfinished objects night, between now and Christmas.
This class will run every 2nd Thursday night starting 6th November, then the 20th November, 4th December, and then we will see.  Come in and finish a project or start and finish a project it is up to you.   

Saturday November 8th - 10am Christmas House class, make your own Christmas house with Imagine if.. own MDF base house.  $45.00 everything supplied, including snow and letterbox and more.  Please note there may be a few changes depending on product availability on some pieces like the tree and the clock.  If you have done the house and would like to do the church instead, you can but it is an extra $10.00 for the church.  1 space left.

Saturday November 22nd - Mixed media class with Michelle Maggs - Postponed to March 2015

Saturday November 29th  - 10am - 2pm $30 for 8 tags.  My very popular techniques class from last year.  We will be making tags using lots of different products, mediums, patinas, inks, sprays, reinkers, paper, stamps and wacky ideas to make a set of tags.  Photo is from last years class.  This years will be different.   

Photography class:  is now in February 2015. 

December  1st and 8th - Cake decorating class with Cheryl Owlsley- $45.00.  Learn to make poinsettas and berrys for the top of your christmas cake, and how decorate your cake with icing and glitter.  The class is over 2 weeks on a Monday night 7pm - 9pm.   Make your decorations one week, and add to your perfectly iced cake (she will show you how) the next.  You will get a kit to be able to make more xmas decorations at home. You will need to bring a 6inch christmas cake on week 2, and some royal icing and almond icing.

Booking essential 0274991485 for questions or we prefer you to email to

This week we have two projects from the design team, the first one will just be pictures but the 2nd will be a link to their pages and a blog hop.
I did this heart for the kids school holiday program. 

1410B Birthday Puzzle 1
Beth did this cute card for her nephews birthday

Brenda did this cute book, check out what is inside

Carol got all spooky with an atc

Ngaere made this cute little book

Lilian went boo

Lilian went BOO

Tash went shabby for her teapot

Katrina made this beautiful layout

Now for the blog hop:

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Brenda Morgan :
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