Sunday, August 3, 2014

Big news!

What a month July was, talk about making big decisions, and when I say big...really big. First we had SENZ, and that was crazy, and then I signed the lease on a new building to rent for Imagine If...that is right, if you haven't been on Facebook and following us, you will not have caught up with the news.

New Premises

Our new premises are 25a Canada Street, Morrinsville. If you decide to go and have a peek, we are NOT there yet. Not until mid August, and we will send you an email to say we are open. We are opposite the Council cafe, right between Prepare & Revision Marketing and Triple Jump. Also if you go for a peek you might wonder how on earth are we going to fit in there! Don't worry we have a huge space out the back, that is just the main entrance. We will have class room space, and lots of lots of very cool products. I will send an email out soon with all of the details including days open and times, and also what we will be stocking. Just as soon as we have some idea of opening dates, we have not got into the premises to start painting, and sorting, but will be in next weekend.

Which speaking of next weekend is the Quilt and Craft Fair in Hamilton, and yes I know I shouldn't have, cause I am crazy busy trying to catch up from SENZ but I have signed up to have a stand at this show. We will have Paper-Arts paper, washi tape, mixed media, our quote sheets, MDF items, and our chipboard. So if you are coming to the show, come and check us out B17 (I think that was a bomber plane - hope that is a good sign) If you cannot make that is okay we will have it all at the new shop.

Design Team Projects

So the design team has been very busy.. except me this week, and we have some new projects to show you. So click on the link to take you to each blog post. Last fortnight's winner was Lesley Wiley, (who is probably still waiting patiently for her prize....) and you can win too, all you have to do is make a comment on a blog post, or Like our Page on Facebook.

Marilyn has made this rocker card:

Katrina Hart is your next stop, then, in order:
Beth Barnes
Lilian Clifton
Tash Chanwai
Carol Noakes
Ngaere Bennetts
Brenda Morgan

Giveaway: this week is 2 packets of felt flowers.

So that is all for today. Click on the links above to go see what the girls have been up to.
All the best, Jo

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  1. what a privilege to be part of such an awesome group of crafters, fantastic work everyone

  2. Another stunning card Marilyn, beautiful flowers

  3. Awesome work by everyone i'm so jelous

  4. Amazing
    Can't wait for holiday class