Friday, February 7, 2014

february newsletter

Hi to everyone,
Hello February!  This is so weird, this year seems to have set off at such a pace, I am wondering whether I should be starting to prep for Christmas again. Those lazy days of summer, if anyone knows where they are please send one my way.  I however did have a night at Pauanui and that was great.  My friends have a beautiful place and we were invited down for a night.  My darling friend did however drag me on a 5km walk around the place, which was wonderful, my camera and I made some new friends so that was fun.

Most of you will know that I love paper, and well paper things, l love this video check out the link, and I think you will agree paper is here to stay, well for a while.
Hope you got a laugh from that one.

Today is an a very cool day for me, a new venture for Imagine If.. and myself.  I will let you know next week more about that.  No, I will not be making purple clocks? or will I?.  Actually that sounds fun, maybe you will see some purple clocks.  I will be manufacturing my own range of products, at present the company I have purchased are doing craft ranges, but I will be adding my own spin to what they are already doing over the next few months.  So lets be honest you probably will see purple clocks and keys actually.  Stay tuned.

I will also be announcing a call for design team members, so put your thinking cap on if you would like to apply for that.  Al the details will be out next week, after my brain has stopped spinning out of control.
Class this week got canceled due to the purchase of the business, which went very quickly, a week we checked it out, re checked, signed, sealed paid and well not quite delivered.

If you are like me and you need to keep your craft area or office tidy, check out these options on this website, run  by Paperzone in Hamilton for all your crafty requirements.

The website has now got credit card facilities, very happy about that, we are using pay pal for that.  You just pay with your credit card like a normal credit card transaction, and they do all the banking and cover me for fraud etc, so it is a good option and very safe.  You can still pick up and pay cash or you can choose to use Internet banking, that is up to you.

I am loving some of the new arty stamps that are happening out there at present, I am not intending to bring in a lot of stamps, but I do like a few different ones, so check out the link for some very cool stamps, including these lovely ladies.

All classes will now be booked through the website,  under class bookings.  If you click on the link for February you will see the classes listed.  You do not have to pay for the class until a week before the class or by arrangement with me on the day, or you can pay by paypal as that is now running properly.  

February classes

Friday 14th February 10am - 12pm $20.00 Four Wedding, Anniversary or birthday cards.
We will be using some very cool products to make these versatile backgrounds, then making the card using them.  The cards can have any verse or saying put on them so they don't have to be wedding cards. We will be using shimmer sheets to make the backgrounds.  This is a very versatile product, and I have enjoyed playing with this product.  

Sunday 23rd February 10am - 2pm  Creative Outlet class $35.00
This is a very creative class where you will do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I don't want to scare you and use the word ART, so I am not.
This is a day of fun, of experimentation of getting your hands dirty. Splatter, splash, stencil, smash and spray. No rules, just giving things a try. Ideas can be taken to card making to scrap booking, to journal, whatever you want to do with it. Come and let your inner self play. A few basic things required, but I will supply the rest.  What will you make? Well that will be up to you, pages of colour, test pieces, backgrounds and who knows what else.  I will show you how to make all sorts of designs.  Don't feel like you can paint, haven't tried experimenting before? or ready for something new, have a go.  It is so much fun.
  Just a few basics and you will be away.  You can even make amazing embellishment for your scrapbooking or card making  from these pieces.

Friday 28th Grungy for the boys $25.00 3 spaces left
This is a class making those non flowery boys pages, using texture and grunge to make three fabulous pages. You will also have enough left over to make a 4th page. Class starts at 10am and goes until 12.30pm. Everything supplied except for double sided tape, scissors and cutter.

March classes

Saturday March 8th Folded scrap layout at Paperzone in Hamilton.  You will need to book through Paperzone for that as I am working with them for this project, you can choose your own paper and the look you are after, male, female, christmas or ?
More information to follow, but this layout is a personal favourite and I have had a lot of fun designing it.

Friday March 14th Male Birthday cards - 10am - 12pm Four cards, all with a male theme. $20.00
Photos to follow.

Saturday March 22nd  - 10am - 3pm  Make your own book from scratch, $45.00 8 only.  (basics supplied - except tape and glue, bling and dangles) - learn how to make your own book, no album rings, no ribbon, technique.  So easy when you know how.  This book has a colour way supplied.  However you can bring your own paper and then take the paper pack home and work with it for another project.  We will be making the book, covering the front and back covers, and then after that you will need to finish at home, though you will have photographs and instructions for finishing the same as me.  There is paper left over for mounting photos and making embellishments is required.  I have used quotes, these are not supplied.  This is available as a kit of instructions which I can send to you, with the basic materials, however depending on class numbers you may have to supply your own paper.  I have had a lot of questions about this class already.  We will not be making all the flip pages that were in my original book, as it is to time consuming.

March Wednesday 26th  - 10am - 2pm Card and Box project and a candle holder and card project - $20.00.  This class you will use your own paper, own colour, own choice.  I will supply some products.  Can be for a male or female, you can do an easter theme or birthday whatever suits.  Mothers day is in May great presents to have ready.  

So email me or phone me on 07 8873901 if you have any questions, leave me a message on the phone if I am out and about or working with my head down.  

all the best Jo

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