Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December - new website and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone
December is here already, and has it been a chaotic year for me.   I have to say from where the year started to where we have ended up, it has been amazing.  It is incredible all the things that happen when you stop and look back at the year that has been, one of the biggest things I am grateful for is you all sticking by me and reading my newsletters, supporting classes and buying my kits and my products.  I have so many plans for next year, including a design team, and another really big project,  but I are not going into that now.  I am also thankful that my husband goes along with my crazy ideas, and helps where he can, and Aly my own personal graphic designer, has stayed up really late at night helping to get our first line of product out.
Well we did it, after months of work, and stress and trying to figure out stuff that I didn't know how to do, we have a website, and I am really happy with it.  There are still a few technical glitches, although the Face book button is now working, so that is good.  I have gone a little different with our stock, at this stage there is no paper, however in saying that next year there will be some paper kits, where I find products and combine them to make co-ordinating packs.  The products I have gone with are designed for scrap booking, card making, journal work, and mixed media, but not necessarily products you find at your local store.  I am in no way wanting to damage their market, in fact if you have been to my class you will know that I support bricks and mortar stores.  But I like a few random things so this is where my website will be heading, along with our own range of products.

The first product we have designed are stunning A4 pages, they are Quotes and sayings.  The pages are heavy duty white card stock, 320gsm, you can tear them, ink them, water colour them, stain them, spray them, mount them, distress them, or cut them out perfectly from their little boxes.  They are acid free, with different size texts and fonts, you need to have  a play,  and we have the first lot up on the website now.

We are working on original graphic pages at the moment as well as some vintage images. 

So for this weeks links for you to check out we are being totally selfish, they are all about us:

Make sure you check out the quotes and sayings pages, please note, they will be sent without the imagine if watermark text all over them

I couldn't have asked for a  better response to classes this year, and we only have one class left.    

December 14th Christmas Shadow box, $60.00 includes lunch, all the fun of Christmas in a great shadow box.  Everything supplied.  A great gift.  4 spots left.  Could do as a kit, $50.00 + postage, This looks amazing in real life, the camera has flattened it, which is a shame, as you can see it is going to be an an amazing day.

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you have a wonderful break, I hope you get to share it with family and or friends.  I have a very busy day planned with 16 for lunch, but we all bring a plate, and then it is game time.  My husband and I have been planning these games for a while, and there are some really hard case ones this year.  But I cannot tell you what they are because a few family get this email.

Some ideas:
If you have little ones take them outside on Christmas eve and plant some jellybeans in the garden, when the children have gone to sleep, go and plant candy canes in the garden (in the same place of course), in the morning the surprise will be worth the effort.

Make your own Christmas crackers and hide a clue inside for a prize or in my case a clue to various sized water pistols, then really watch the chaos erupt.

Just heard about jelly tip pavlova, so i am going to have a go at making that this year.

I made 20 Santa sleighs this year for Christmas for the community house, they were very grateful, but they also make a great project for the Christmas table and as small gifts for friends and family.  Mine were slightly different, however my daughter has my i-pad and I cannot get the photos to include in the newsletter, so i will put them on Face book when i get it back.  

The last thing my friends and I did was make a Santa sack and gave it away, it was redecorated after buying a cheap one form the $2.00 shop and adding a few pretty little bits and pieces.

Finally a close up of the Christmas cards I did this year:

I will show you the christmas tags I did this year in the next post.  
all the best

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