Friday, August 16, 2013

Recipe Book Cover

Hi everyone, today I have a fun project I have been going to do for ages, a recipe book.  I am an avid cook especially baking, and I have to say a little OCD with storage of my recipes.  I have all my books coded and with page references so I do not have to spend hours researching and hunting for something interesting to cook.  I even type up all my recipes and print on coloured paper according to what type of cooking it is, I told you OCD.  

I wanted to make a cover that was totally me.  All the pages inside are done with plastic so I just remove the page I want, cook, and then put it back safely, no marks allowed.  The first two photos are from my ladies Afternoon tea party I held a few months ago.  

 So now you see how over the top I am with my cooking, here is my book cover.

This is the cover of the book, I have used a Twiddleybitz original recipe label, and I just added distress stain to add some colour.  It did have a chicken on it, but that wasn't really me, so off came the chicken.
I also used a couple of black nero corners, a butterfly and a chipboard heart, all Twiddleybitz of course.

 So now you know I am a little crazy in the kitchen. I hope you have enjoyed my post, don't forget to leave a comment.  Jo

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