Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scrapbooking layout - How my brain works

Hi everyone, on a wet and somewhat sad Sunday, here in the mighty Waikato. Today I wanted to show you how I go about tryignt o make a layout work.  Everyone says it is alright for you, you just do it, and it works.  Well no it doesn't sometimes, it doesn't come out at all how I had intended.

So here is a photo show of what I did step by step to make this layout.

Step 1: Twiddleybitz rectangles
  I started with some printed tissue, which I stuck down and then adhere the photo with tape.  I then added the rectangles, and then this very cool birdhouse, and then a left over piece of clock that I put at the top of the photo and then the flourishes on the right.  I had every intention of putting the buttons all over the place, and making it mixed media.  But then this pattern sort of emerged, and I was seeing where it was going.

Step 2: Add some colour

The page has these green stripes in it, so I thought I would start with some greem and then add some blue to match his shirt.  I added the brads to make the flowers stronger looking.  Hmmm.

Step 3 Add some more to the age, a clock and this brown flower.

 Not sure this is working for me, it seems  a little dull, and in need of a wham.

Step 4: Pick out what you like and build it up from there.

This part is working, I like the layers and I love hte saying.  Possibilities begin with imagination.

Step 4:  Not happy. what is wrong? It needs colour, so remove the photo and spray the background.  Oh darn.  Not that colour. 

 Yes I changed the photo, I sprayed lime green and brown and it was totally wrong, so I changed the photo, added a few more flowers and some bling.  My boy page, suddenly a girl page.  All good.  So that is how my brain works.  Have a good day.   



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