Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gypsy Wagon - Chipboard

Picture of XMAS032 

Hi to all, today I wanted to show something that I have been working on for awhile for Twiddleybitz in Australia.  I had the little gingerbread house, and really wanted to change the whole concept from the Christmas theme.  I decided on a Gypsy wagon, I thought this would be interesting and I also wanted it to be practical, and I could store some special little things in it.

So this is what I came up with.  I firstly cut down the house base, and glued it together.  I didn't add the roof on, as I needed to hinge it, so that it would open. This was a little tricky, but we got there in the end.  (Yes had to get the husbands help for this).   I then tiled the roof, I used the grab bag of squares, and carefully covered each piece.  However I didn't like the look, and after spending all that time tiling the roof, I ended up adding a metallic top to it all, and pretty much covered up everything I did.  But you can still see the layering effect the roof has.  I addded the knob to the roof, so that I could open it up. 
I used Tim Holtz pullys for the wheels, and Tim Holtz lights, yes they really go with batteries.  I was going to make a little ladder out of balsa wood, till I remembered the twiddletbitz swirls card pack, and carefull glued them together to form this ladder.

 One friend gave me the birdcage, and another the little cat.  The whole project is covered in Graphic 45 papers. 
I used the graphic 45 drawer openers to make window boxes and prima resin window frames, and added flowers.   The purple round piece at the top is from my mother n law, an old pair of earrings she picked up for me, that I pulled the backs off.    I used filagree hinges to add some more interest on all the sides. 

 Finally I added the little cups and teapots, using chain and jump rings to hang them all on.
I added the ribbon down the bottom and the beaded stri[p along the top to soften the project up. 

So this is my Gypsy wagon, from a Twiddletbitz Gingerbread house kit. I hope you have enjoyed this. 

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