Sunday, May 5, 2013

cards - High tea invitation

Hi everyone, on this wet afternoon in the heart of the Waikato.  I know you have probably wondered why I have been so quiet, I have been crazily crafting all over the place.  I have been trying heaps of different bits and pieces, different mediums and really just testing the waters on various things, and getting ready for SENZ in July.  I know July is ages away, but not when you have to write instruction for every crazy idea you have had for classes.  Especially one project, my friend Sue had to come over, and I made her follow my instructions, turns out the project was fairly easy once I had the instructions right.  So keep an eye out for my classes in Auckland this year.

So today I have a card on the blog, yes another card.  Goodness gracious, I must be unwell.  So today I am posting for Twiddleybitz in Australia.  This card is for an afternoon tea I am hosting this week, and it is a compulsory dress and pearls afternoon.

This didn't end up being all of them, but I ran out of Twiddleybitz to put on them, so I had to make up a few with out the good stuff on them, let's hope none of them read the blog to closely.  

I started with a cupcake border which I cut up into individual cupcakes, and then proceeded to paint, and add flower soft, and glitter and some lines for the cupcake liner.  I hand stamped the teacups and coloured the pictures in.  

I added this stamped image inside the card on a small doily.  
So my invitations went out, now it is probably time to start thinking about what I am going to cook.  I can  promise you one thing, there will be sugar and cream.  Enjoy whats left of the weekend.  


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