Sunday, May 19, 2013

canvas art - Twiddleybitz products

Hi everyone and welcome to another late blog, this time I have been testing out some new mediums and paints, and trying a more metallic look incorporating lace, it was an interesting process.  I had a few broken pieces of jewellery that I wanted to use especially the Eiffel Tower, and I quite liked this new metallic paint that I found.  I finally finished this after quite a while of stalling, but it is finally complete.  I have used a Twiddleybitz chipboard Chandelier, and this amazing Twiddleybitz clock.  Unfortunately I am struggling to photograph it, as the bling goes crazy with a flash, and the medium over the top is also shiny.  So this is the best I can do.  I have to hang it as the jewellery down the bottom needs to hang for the photograph.   

I spent ages decorating the chandelier, with embossing powders, inks and pens and kindy glitz on all the pearl droplets. 

Enjoy the week

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