Monday, March 23, 2015

Newsletter time - school holiday list

Hi all

I hope you all had a great weekend, and it was better than mine.  This weekend I broke 3 of my basic rules in life.  Not one but three!.
No 1:  Never fall over in public..... FAIL.
Did that, straight on to my face in a car park full of people, on the gravel, not sure what hurts the most, face, knee, chest, hands or my pride.
No 2: Never go to a boxing match: Fail
My eldest daughter decided in her wisdom that she would take up boxing, after doing martial arts for years.  Mum had to go of course, even though she dislikes violence of any sorts. It was a good match however, and I was very surprised by my blonde blue eyed daughter, once she had her gear on, she looked tough, and when she was in the boxing ring I was very surprised how good she looked.  She didn't win, but it was her first fight.  I look worse than she does.
No 3:  Never condone violence.  Fail.
I promosed myself I wouldn't say those words HIT HER!.  I did in the third round, I said it.

So that was my weekend, now back to crafting where I can keep my golden rules in place.

We have so far designed 9 classes for senz, that is right 9 classes. So if you havn't got your tickets you need to get them.  I am very proud of what we have designed.
Ngaere Bennets is teaching 2 classes, and Miss Boxer from above, Alysha is taking 1 class.  I will be taking the other 6.
So get your tickets.

New Products arrived in stock:
For all of you that ordered the colour lab, should get it today, so you will hear from me as soon as it is available.  
Flitterglu, Megaflakes has arrived, awesome product.
The glitter paste has sold out, and the 2nd lot as well, we are ordering more, so will advise when it is back in stock.

These run in conjunction with the school terms.  Bookings essential

Wednesday Morning 10am - 12pm Scrapbooking classes  ONE SPARE SEAT NOW

Thursday night class 6pm - 8pm Play and do what you want to do, with either Pauline, Alysha or myself there to help you.  $5.00 Bookings essential. 

Cards Class - One class a fortnight - this Friday March 27th  10am - 12pm - $12.00
This week we are are using stencils for paper piecing, and making a screen card.    .

I have two of the book kits left as pictured.  $30.00 plus postage.

12 Cards using Graphic 45 Journal cards.  $35.00   2 kits available
Using the 12 journal cards from the graphic 45 Time to flourish range as a base, we will be making 12 cards.  These are not folded fancy cards, just basic cards, with different basic techniques to make a set of lovely cards, teaching layering, paper tole and other decorative ideas.   Suitable for beginners, and maybe a chance to play for experienced card makers.  One for each month of the year.  

School holidays  Classes:

Wednesday April 8th - 10am - 12pm $30.00 Memory box for Mothers day about A4 size.
This is a MDF Box, which will be put together, covered and decorated.  In soft shades of blue, wood and lace.  A great gift for storing all those precious memories.

Friday April 10th 10am - 12pm $30.00 Mixed Media Fantail, butterfly or dragonfly.  You choose which one.  We will be decorating and colouring a large piece, over 30cm creature decorated with all sorts of products for lots of mess and fun.  please note is just what the fantail looks like, not how big it is and it is made from MDF not chipboard and pictured.  Pleazse advise when booking which creature you want to decorate.

Monday 13th - 10am - 12pm Teddy Bears Shop - $35.00 This is a new release for us, and we have designed it especially for little hands to do.  This model shop gets put together from scratch, and then all the teddy bear elements are added.  All paper is precut.  Limited to 9 only.

Wednesday 15th - 10am - 12pm Castle Book $30.00 Decorate a castle book, covering the book, and then decorating fairies, dragons, butterflies and more to add to your book.  This can be changed to a pirates castle book with ships and dragons and pirates for boys
if wanted.  Note:  we are precutting all of the paper, so you child doesn't need to know how to cut well to be able to do this class.  Once decorated the child can add photos of themselves or add pictures from magazines etc at home.    Please advise when booking boys or girls kit.

Friday 17th - 10am - 12pm Children's scrapbooking pages $20.00 limited to 9 only.
3 pages to make using Bobunny paper and glitter paste.
  this is just one of the 3 pages.

Other classes may be added if these classes fill up.
Bookings are essential for all classes, please book in as soon as possible to ensure a space for your child. 

New Competition
The design team has just about come to the end of their term, and I wanted to let you know what was happening.  With the shop workload getting bigger and bigger we have decided that the design team is just so much work, that I cannot continue to run it, it it's current format.  I have decided instead to run a monthly competition with prizes.   I see so many talented ladies come and see me or email me and I have decided that it is time we got to see what everyone is working on.
We don't have to many rules, except you must follow the brief... and it will be a brief brief.  It can be scrapbooking, art, mixed media, off the page, cards or albums or ? Surprise us.
There is only one thing that we ask, as we are a manufacturer of chipboard, MDF and stencil products if you are going to use those products, they need to be from our range please.  Other than that, no other rules.  However if someone enters something inappropriate we reserve the right not to publish it.   Easy..

So we will be starting the competition in April, and seeing as it is that time of the year, I have picked Autumn as the theme.  Now this is a wide theme, autumn the colours, autumn leaves, autumn ?

Email your entries to by the 20th April and we will put you into the competition.

Don't forget to follow us on facebook for updates, blog details, and other bits of information.

Have an awesome week, hope you get a chance to craft.


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