Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Katrina's Armoire

Hello, and welcome back to my blog, this week I have a post for Imagine If, when I opened my parcel of goodies from Jo I was really happy to see the little Armoire (wardrobe) the first thing I thought of was flowers and lace but as you can see I changed my mind!
I wanted to make my Armoire into an old rusted top secret army box.

I've painted it army green by mixing paint until I liked the colour, then I have used a stencil to write 'top secret'  'keep out' and so on, then using a palate knife I have put Viva ferro paint in copper, once that dried I then applied watered down black acrylic paint and wiped some off just so it 'dirtied' my rust.

On the inside I have a photo of my son wearing an army helmet that I have poped into a piece of chipboard film strip. 

Hope you have my little Armoire (wardrobe) and have a go at making one for yourself.
happy Craftin 

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  1. great treatment - no longer an armoire - could it be an armoury?