Monday, June 10, 2013

Steam Punk Train

Hi everyone, I hope this winter weather is treating you all well, and keeping away form those winter chills that get associated with this time of the year.

Today I have something totally different for you, a gift I made for someone, but I have decided to send it back to Twiddleybitz to take to their shows that they attend.  Hopefully I will have it back for Christmas to give to him instead.

 This is my train, that I grunged up and made a little steam punk.  I wanted something tough and not babyish, so it was a matter of just adding bits and pieces until I had the look I wanted. 

So for the side of the train, I silver leafed the top of the steam funnels, I added a silver metal which I embossed with gears and then I added black ink over it, and then I added the clock mechanism from Twiddleybitz that I cut down.  I also added extra cogs and metal embellishments. I still wasn't happy so I added the chipboard barbed wire pieces across the sides.  I added the knob to the place where the carriage joins the train.  A clock winder out the top, finished the train.

The front of the train I had a metal clock, but then I added this chipboard light bulb with cogs, then I added a metal piece from my husbands shed, and screwed It through the front wall.  I added some broken peg parts to make a cattle mover in the front and added a spring to join them together.  I then added the Graphic 45 metal piece down the front as well.   We found these light bulbs for the carriage top, and I added some chain which you cannot really see across the top as well.  

So my steam punk train is finished, and I have to say probably one of the best pieces I have ever made from my point of view.  If my husband had his way we would have had laser lights and a cannon on it as well.  Luckily he went away for a few days so i got it finished with out him.  Still he thinks it is cool, so I guess I must have done something right.   


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