Monday, June 16, 2014

Blog hop - MDF Houses, Church and Castle

 Hi everyone, well it was fantastic last week with the blog hop, after a technical hitch it worked really well, and lots of fabulous comments.  Congratulations to Debbie Groot who won a Merry go Round for herself to create, of course we will want to see it finished Debbie - no pressure.

This week we have another Blog hop.. and this week we are show casing our new MDF Houses, MDF church and MDF Castle.Check them out here
All the designers were challenged to create something using our new products, most got the MDF Houses, Carol got the Church and I think I got the hardest, the other are probably disagreeing, I decided to use the new MDF Castle.

First I want to show you the project I have done for Senz...using the MDF House.
I have designed this house to have a removable roof, so I can turn the light on and off inside, but I do hope to pick up a small enough light to go inside there, that can be turned on and off from outside, but I may have to wait until a bit closer to Christmas to find one.  I have 2 spots left on Saturday morning for this class 5th July 9.15am, so if you want a space, you need to be quick book on the website.  At this stage I have a couple of kits left, which will be available after Senz, if you want one please email me, it comes with everything except the white paint, and it comes with red or white brick paper.   

So this week I had no power for 14 hours, so I pretty much sat all day playing, until it hit 5pm, then I couldn't see anything to be able to keep playing.  I wish the photos were better, but it was really hard to get the whole thing in, and the angles made it hard. 

 The bedroom, the wardrobe (Amoire)  is a new 3D MDF project, 
 The fire over the back is from a bare branch tree.
 The fence is a new chipboard product.
 The library nearly sent me insane , all the books are handmade. 
the chicken wire fence is new, as is the ladder and the trees through the back are a personal favourite.

 It is a little hard to see the park bench, you can see the picket fence and there is a bird bath over the back.
Finally the dungeon

I chained the dragon up, so he couldn't get away, there is a light over the back that I can turn on, but it was very difficult to get this to really show up well.  There is a bat in the top and a really horrible spider and web that I really dont like putting my hands in even though i know they are not real.

So that was a wet, powerless day for me, 6 tubes of superglue and stuck fingers.  So what have the rest of the team been up to? Go check it out.

This week if you leave a comment on each blog and like on facebook, then you get 9 entries in the draw to win a set of in our home quotes and some chipboard embellishments, value $20.00 so 
lets go.  

Lilian: Lilians gingerbread-house
Carol:Carols Christmas house
TashTash's Butterfly cottage
Katrina: Katrina's little-cottage
Beth: Beths artists-cottage
Ngaere: Ngaere baba-yaga-house
Brenda:Brendas even yard for the dog

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  1. Oh My Gosh there is a lot of work in this looks Fab...

  2. This is possibly my favourite from this blog hop. Just Beautiful.

  3. lucky you chained up the dragon!!!!! great detail

  4. Talk about Imagine If!!! This is your Imagination running free and it's wonderful!

  5. Love the dragon!

  6. Wow... I'm blown away at the amazing work and effort you have put into this house! The tiny details and all the fine work is stunning!! Just fantastic ....

  7. Wow what an amazing amount of work you have put into this