Monday, January 20, 2014

January newsletter 2014

Hi to everyone, and hello 2014.
Mid way through January already, what happened to the days? One minute I was up from 6am - 11pm organising my crazy Christmas day.  What a day it was! I truly believe that our day was about family and not about presents and the spirit of Christmas was well and truly alive at our place.  Although the competitive edge did come out in some of the teams at times.  The games were amazing, and if you are feeling like giving some of them a go, I certainly recommend it for fun.  We had 16 of us, and here are a few photos to give you a glimpse of our day.

Well 2014 is a time for expansion for Imagine If... i was hoping to elaborate some more, but time constraints and negotiations during Christmas has caused us to be a little behind schedule, so I cannot let you in on that yet.  The website is up and running and it has been going really well, customers seem very happy with the prices.  I am happy if you want to call in for a look, I do have card stock in store, but I am not putting it on line, it is for classes and call in visitors only.

My newest and favourite products are Patina, I love it.  In fact I watched a lady take a basic little toy desk made from plastic, she covered it in patina, and then silver inked the raised pieces, WOW.  It was amazing, and I loved it.  I took a plain silver corner and I gave it a little patina colour, and ....   
I cannot show you the rest of this project yet, as I am not showing it until February for Twiddleybitz.

I had a couple of days off working, well you would think I would go outside and check out the sun, but no I headed up to my craft room for a play.  I decided to have a go at making a book from scratch, no albums rings or anything like that.  In fact my mum thought I had just covered an old board book, so that was great.  I spent two days hidden away, and when I finally emerged I was really happy.  I will be teaching the basic technique in March, but not using this paper or this big, it took to long to do.

If you would like to see more pictures of this book check out the link

2014 Classes

All classes will now be booked through the website,  under class bookings.  If you click on the link for February you will see the classes listed.  You do not have to pay for the class until a week before the class or by arrangement with me on the day.  I hope to have Paypal up and running in the next day or so.  

February classes

Saturday 8th February 10am - 12pm $22.50  Adults and Children's Scrap booking class.  8 spaces only.
This is a beginners class in scrap booking or suitable as a children's class.
You will be making three pages.  Everything is supplied except your double sided tape and your scissors.  Children will be required to have an adult present with them for the class.  

Friday 14th February 10am - 12pm $20.00 Four Wedding, Anniversary or birthday cards. 8 spaces. We will be using some very cool products to make these versatile backgrounds, then making the card using them.  The cards can have any verse or saying put on them so they don't have to be wedding cards. We will be using shimmer sheets to make the cards.

Sunday 23rd February 10am - 2pm  Creative Outlet class $35.00
This is a very creative class where you will do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I don't want to scare you and use the word ART, so I am not.
This is a day of fun, of experimentation of getting your hands dirty. Splatter, splash, stencil, smash and spray. No rules, just giving things a try. Ideas can be taken to card making to scrap booking, to journal, whatever you want to do with it. Come and let your inner self play. A few basic things required, but I will supply the rest.  What will you make? well that will be up to you, pages of colour, test pieces, backgrounds and who knows what else.

Friday 28th Grungy for the boys $25.00
This is a class making those non flowery boys pages, using texture and grunge to make three fabulous pages. You will also have enough left over to make a 4th page. Class starts at 10am and goes until 12.30pm. Everything supplied except for double sided tape, scissors and cutter.

March classes - details and pictures to follow
1.  Male cards (4)
2.  Card with box (for chocolate etc) & Card with candles  - this class you will use your own paper, own colour, own choice.  Can be for a male or female

3.  Scrap booking class - gate fold page great for lots of photos.
4.  Make your own book from cardboard sheets, (everything supplied) - learn how to make your own book, no album rings, no ribbon, technique.  So easy when you know how.  

So email me or phone me on 07 8873901 if you have any questions, leave me a message on the phone if I am out and about or working upstairs.

all the best Jo

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